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Robotic Surgeon Performs Brain Surgery For Epilepsy via the Cheek

A fake patient in an MRI machine shows how the surgical robot that can perform epilepsy surgery through the cheek.

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have developed a working prototype for a robot that will perform precise brain surgery to treat epilepsy by entering the brain via the cheek. The approach will be less invasive than traditional surgery, which involves drilling into the skull. The Vanderbilt system nvolves specially designed, steerable …

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Draw Working Circuits with Conductive Ink

The Circuit Scribe Developers Kit lets builders draw ink-based circuits with sensors and buzzers. Photo courtesy Autodesk.

Sick of breadboards and soldering? Want to teach basic electronics in a whole new way? Electroninks is now selling a fast-drying, conductive ink designed to make learning about circuits fast and fun. Made of silver flake, Circuit Scribe ink can be used to draw lines between batteries, sensors, lights and …

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Rescue Robots Fly High in the Alps

Scientists at the University of Twente are working on robots that are expected to save lives in calamity situations in the Alps. Photo courtesy of University of Twente

Scientists involved in a special project to develop rescue robots for the Alps met last week, so that different teams could discuss, test, and integrate some parts of the robot. By January 2017, the researchers hope to have a team of robots capable of assisting human rescuers in an emergency, such as …

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Qualcomm, RobotShop Launch Robot Business Accelerators

Two new accelerators launched this week could help entrepreneurs take their robot designs to the next level. Qualcomm announced today that it will host approximately 10 robotics companies at its San Diego offices for a four-month start-up program. Qualcomm has committed $1 million dollars to participants, as well as technology and …

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Keecker Robot Hits Kickstarter

The Keeker robot might look like a space heater, but inside the white dome is a host of entertainment equipment. Photo courtesy of Keeker.

Deeply discounted Keecker robots were offered up today on Kickstarter, as the company tried to raise funds to support the project. Twenty “super early birds” paid just $1,990 for the robot, which will later sell for more than twice that price. Billed as a home entertainment …

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Open-Source Tricorder You Can Make with Your Toaster Oven

Peter Jansen's open-source tricorder puts a variety of sensors at your fingertips!

Interested in exploring the universe? Open-source tool developer Peter Jensen has created a device much like a Star Trek tricorder, using mostly off-the-shelf parts that were soldered in his toaster oven. The small device, which Jensen calls the Arducorder Mini, uses a PIC32MX795F512L with 128k of RAM and 512k …

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Quantum Mechanics to Accelerate Progress in Robotics

Both the classical and the quantum RPS are characterized by their internal Markov chains over the clip space. The procedures the quantum agent performs in order to choose the desired actions are listed.

Researchers from Spain, Austria, and Croatia believe the field of quantum mechanics holds great promise for advancing robotics. Specifically, the researchers believe that integrating quantum physics and artificial intelligence will provide a “quadratic speedup” in robotic learning. According to the study, many robots are unable to function adequately …

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BERO Robot Brings the Beats

Teach the Bero robot how to dance, on those slow days at the office.

A new robot called BERO is a tiny dancer with its own light show and speakers. BERO can be controlled via Bluetooth 2.0, using an Android or iOS device. At four-inches tall, the BERO robot is ideal for small spaces such as a coffee table or desk. Optical navigation …

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Robot Bartender Mixes Adults Beverages

Using Monsieur Robot's touch screen, customers can select from hundreds of drinks.

Monsieur, the robotic bartender, has mastered the art of mixing drinks. More like an Automat than a waiter, Monsieur knows hundreds of cocktail recipes and can mix them on demand. Users can even select a drink from an array of scrolling photos on a touch screen, and then …

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A Prosthetic Hand that Feels Textures

Researchers have developed an electrical stimulation system capable of allowing the user to feel textures and relieving phantom pain. Photo courtesy of Case Western Reserve University.)

Prosthetic limbs have many limitations. One of the challenges for users is not being able to distinguish between different textures. Researchers have now developed an electrical stimulation system that helps those who have lost limbs be able to feel different textures again. While many prosthetic limbs …

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GoPiGo: An Open Source Robot for Little Builders

The GoPiGo turns your Raspberry Pi into a robot. Photo courtesy of Dexter Industries.

After a highly successful round of crowdsourcing last May, the GoPiGo is now available on preorder. The open-source robot is designed for the Raspberry Pi platform. The basic kit ($84.99) includes a durable body, motors, controls, and a power supply that will keep your robot running for …

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Robots that Can Sign

Toshiba's sign language robot can only demonstrate basic greeting. But the company hopes to add sensing, speech synthesis and speech recognition by 2020. Photo courtesy of Toshiba.

Toshiba demonstrated a humanoid able to use Japanese sign language at the Cutting-Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC) this week. Created with researchers from aLab Inc., Osaka University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, and Shonan Institute of Technology, the robot has 43 actuators in its hands but currently …

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New Android App for iRobot’s Defense and Security Bots

iRobot's new app, uPoint, lets operators remotely control multiple bots via an Android app. Photo courtesy iRobot.

IRobot has released the uPoint Multi-Robot Control (MRC) system: an Android app that acts as a universal remote for the company’s defense and security robots. While it won’t help you get your Roomba into that tricky corner of your living room, it will give the military and researchers (who often work …

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