Sunday, August 1, 2021
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WowWee MiP Robot Serves Up Fun

With seven different game modes, autonomous WowWee MiP Robot serves up a lot of fun. (Photo credit: WowWee)

With his handy serving tray at the ready, the WowWee MiP Robot will happily bring you a drink or a snack.  And he’ll serve up a lot of fun with your order. Just over 10″ tall, he balances perfectly as he zips around on his two wheels, even over carpeting, without a wobble. He’s the ideal playmate for kids 8+. But don’t let this little bot fool you; it’s loaded with high-tech design.

There are two control options available: you can set it for either gesture control or any of the gadgets based on Android, Windows Phone, or IOS.  Just install the special app on your smartphone or tablet and connect it to MiP, and you’ll be able to  control your robot within the range up to 100 feet. The built-in sensors will react to your child’s gestures thanks to GestureSense technology.

MiP has seven different modes: MiP, Balance, Roam, Stacking, Dance, Programming, and Cage, which you can change using your smartphone. RGB LED diodes imitate eyes: glowing in different colors to indicate which mode the robot is in. In MiP mode the robot reacts to gestures, touches, and even different sounds, such as hand claps.  In Balance mode he’s set to carry and transport small items as your child’s personal server. In Programming mode, the robot can learn and remember up to 50 new commands.  The other modes will make the robot explore terrains, dance, and follow the leader. All of these functions will capture and stimulate your child’s imagination.

MiP is available in black or white durable plastic.  Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included). You can buy MiP at popular retail chains, or from the WowWee Store for $79.99 at