Saturday, July 31, 2021
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What’s For Lunch?


050-2Applied Robotics specializes in grippers, rotary actuators and tool changers for the food industry and a variety of other industries. This heavy-duty, pneumatically powered, bag gripper is designed to pick up and put large bags weighing between 50 pounds and a maximum of slightly more than 100 pounds onto pallets. It has a split-fork design and clamping pads to ensure and maintain accurate, aligned placement as it stacks the bags. It handles loads that are heavier than the bags of ice melt and the sandbags used in winter in the northern states. With its dry-lube bearings, the sensor-equipped gripper can load more than 20 bags a minute onto a pallet, and a hard coating protects it in extreme environments. The Applied Robotics gripper is mounted on an ABB IRB 6600 robot arm (see inset) and can also be integrated with other arms. Applied Robotics specializes in end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions for unique market needs. For more information, visit or call Applied Robotics at (518) 384-1000.