Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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TOKYObay Robot Clocks


Dory Isaacs and Jun Kobayashi started TOKYObay, Inc. in 1991 as a source for well- designed, affordable watches and accessories. Editorial contributor and professional photographer Frank Capri shot a few of the many robot clocks offered by TOKYObay for Robot. Be sure and visit www.tokyobayinc.com to see the variety of robot time pieces they offer. Located at 745 Bryant Street, San Francisco CA, TOKYObay distributes its products to boutiques nationwide and in Canada, and they have showrooms in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta.

Frank asked Dory: Why did you and Jun design robot clocks? Dory: We’re collectors and we love things from the ‘50s, the days of tin toys. Frank: Artists often draw from inspiration, not only externally, but internally. Do you have any motivational advice for aspiring robotic designers? Dory: When you’re creating, trust your intuition and follow that. Go with your gut!018-4