Sunday, June 20, 2021
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ThinkGizmos Super Fun RC Robo Shooter

(Photo credit: ThinkGizmos)


Perfect for ages 5 and up, the Robo Shooter Robot by ThinkGizmos is a super fun remote control robot with a variety of cool features. When you turn him on he responds with “Greetings Master. I await your command!”

Designed to be child-friendly, it comes with a remote control that’s easy to hold and easy to operate. When you move the Robo Shooter Robot into position and then press “Fire” he will launch colorful foam disks from his chest at incredible speed, taking out foes in its path. Once all the disks have been fired,  just collect them up and lift his helmet to reload.

Want to get into a good mood? Then just press the “Dance” button on the remote and he will show off his robot moves in a frenzy, which is great fun. Both adults and kids find this hilarious! This little warrior likes to be in charge. Commands such as, “Freeze! Identify yourself or I will shoot,” or “Surrender now!” are among his favorite lines.

The Robo Shooter toy robot has a large variety of skills to keep kids busy. He can be made to walk (slide) in all directions. Forwards/Backwards, Left/Right. He’s about 12″ tall. And while he’s the perfect gift for any kid, he’s great fun for the whole family, too. 

This robot is not a kit. It comes fully assembled and requires (6) AA batteries, but it’s well worth the battery burn, as your kids will absolutely adore their new robot friend.

Robo Shooter is available on Amazon for $35. Refill packs of foam disks are also sold on Amazon.