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TETRIX Max Project – Part III

From: Pitsco Education

Pitsco Education

TETRIX Robotics


With the TETRIX Autonomous Mounting Deck placed in the last phase, it was easy to attach the Arduino UNO Microcontroller, from, in preparation for the addition of microcontrolled RC capability as well as the addition of sensors and the basis for autonomy. Once the microcontroller was mounted… we got on our contagious FPV sidetrack for a little while.

As one of the long term goals for many of the Editor’s Bench Projects is FPV with telemetry, we decided to fashion an FPV setup that would allow RC control from a remote location so we used the setup we built for the Bogie Project.

Adding the camera brought up the same two issues for this project as with the others: 1) Power supply and distribution and 2) designing the FPV connection similar to that of the Bogie so we can avoid the $85 FPV setup cost for the TETRIX project by inter- changing the FPV from the other robot projects.

Project Plan:

The addition of advanced mechanisms and a microcontroller to allow for sensors and autonomous controls.


Full RC Control & FPV Achieved. Arduino UNO mounted.

Next Steps:

Power distribution solution: Motors, RC Receiver, Microcontroller, FPV Camera.

Reader Input:

I will do my utmost to make progress on this project by next issue and report on what’s going on with it… the successes and failures. I sometimes learn more from a failure than from a success so let’s see how much of each we find. If something strikes you about this project… please email me at with what you think. I look forward to hearing from you!