Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Taking the Plunge


Sometimes you just have to go for it. My son, Derek, turned 10 on June 26 and so our family (including my wife, Linda, and our 5 year old daughter,  Ashley), happily trekked to Legoland here in San Diego county to celebrate his birthday. The one thing he really wanted was to ride the roller coaster. I hate roller coasters! He was not going to do this alone and it was not in the cards for my wife or daughter to take this ride… Ok, you are the dad and duty calls…it’s your son’s birthday…the next thing I knew I was getting locked into the first car, front row, with Derek. The photo shows us shooting down the major drop (200 feet faster than you can fall?) on this huge ride. Derek, whose favorite hobby is computer gaming (robots are a close second), is nonchalant and curious. Dad is in a panic and almost bends the steel bars locking us in. But in life and in robotics you gotta do what you have to do, stay tuned for more!