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The EZ-Robot Adventure Bot

Track colors, detect faces and recognize QR codes using the Adventure Bot's on-board camera. (Photo credit: EZ Robot.)

EZ-Robot Inc. has produced a number of exciting kits in the last few years, but they tend to be pricey. If you’re looking for the styling and easy-assembly of an EZ-Robot at a lower price, you might want to consider the Adventure Bot. The company keeps …

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Gaining Insight on Robotic Vision From Insects

University of Adelaide Ph.D. student Zahra Bagheri and supervisor Professor Benjamin Cazzolato with a vision system that uses algorithms based on insect vision. (Photo credit: University of Adelaide.)

A new research project seeks to improve robot vision by applying findings from research on insect and human sight. As a part of their work, the researchers built a virtual reality simulation, in which an artificial intelligence system pursued an object. The findings were recently published …

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Making Legs that Can See

The small, computer controlled actuator adjusts the ankle using cables that work much like the break cables on a bike. (Photo credit: Michigan Technological University.)

Researchers at¬†Michigan Technological University are working on a vision system for prosthetic legs. The system uses an inexpensive camera to get a better sense of the terrain, and an actuator that¬†adjusts the ankle accordingly. “The camera can identify the profile of the ground, while the computer …

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MIT Suggests Robots Move Around to Make Sense of Objects

Researchers at MIT have proposed a new algorithm to speed up object identification. Photo Credit: Christine Daniloff and Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT

Robots would have an easier time identifying objects if they moved around while taking stock of their environment, according to researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). In a new study, the researchers explain that a standard algorithm for aggregating perspectives recognized four …

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