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Build Bots with the Artec Blocks Robotist Basic

Use the Arduino-compatible board to program your robot different behaviors. (Photo credit: Maker Shed.)

With the basic Robotist kit from Artec Blocks, kids can easily combine sensors and motors to make their own robot. The kit contains infrared, touch, light and sound sensors, as well as servos, a buzzer, LEDs, and an accelerometer. With all those parts and a bunch …

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Learn to Solder with CHIP the Robot

CHIP is ready to shine in his Power Pixel base. (Photo credit: Soldering Sunday.)

While there are many starter soldering kits on the market, most don’t integrate coding. What makes CHIP notable — aside for his adorable face — is the fact that he’s programmable. Once you’ve finished soldering all of CHIPs parts, he can be plugged into an Arduino …

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Touch Board Inventors Kit

Paint a piano on a piece of paper and then play it, using the Bare Conductive Touch Board Inventors Kit. (Photo credit: Bare Conductive.)

Bare Conductive’s Touch Board Inventors Kit is ideal for both beginners and those who already have some experience with sensors and Arduinos. The touch board itself is very versatile, intended as a platform for a wide range of projects. Use it to turn just about anything conductive (including Bare Conductive’s paint) …

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Engineering Slide Chart Card and App

Great Innovations' Engineering Slide Chart features all the numbers engineers, mechanics and CAD designers need to know. (Photo credit: Great Innovations.)

Sick of sorting out measurements for screws, or the numbering system for alloy sheets? Great Innovations’ chart keeps the important numbers handy. The chart has a ton of info, including the tap, drill, and stress area for screws, c’bore sizes, bolt grades, prefixes, fractional drill sizes, …

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Trobo Robot Tells Stories About STEM

According to the designers, Trobo is designed to be a lovable companion first, and teacher second. Photo courtesy of Trobo.

Little kids love stuffed animals. Two dads, Jeremy Scheinberg and Chris Harden, decided to take advantage of this fact and design a plushy that would inspire kids to explore STEM concepts. Their toy, Trobo is designed to work in tandem with an iPad or iPhone. Once a wireless connection …

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Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Arduino Kit

Young engineers have enjoyed Sylvia’s Super Awesome Maker Show for years. Watching her explain STEM concepts through project-based science is inspiring. Her latest book, Super Simple Arduino, brings the enthusiasm to a print format, to teach the very basics of working with an Arduino. Perfect for young …

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SimplyTronics’ New Board Combines BoE, Arduino, and Better Power Management

The SimplyTronics Educational (ST EDU) Board combines an Arduino, the Parallax BOE board and extra features on to one board. (Photo courtesy of Simplytronics.)

SimplyTronics has developed a new board to make it even easier for students to study robotics. The SimplyTronics Educational (ST EDU) Board effectively combines an Arduino Uno and the popular Board of Education Shield that SimplyTronics developed years ago with Parallax. The ST EDU board can …

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iRobot Releases Programmable Robot for STEM Education

The Create 2 from iRobot is designed to give kids an inexpensive platform to learn about programming and hardware. Photo courtesy of iRobot.

iRobot has found a great use for old Roombas: STEM education. The company announced today that it is selling remanufactured Roomba 600s, as programmable, expandable robots for students and developers. Called the Create 2, the robots come with all of the lights, sensors, and behaviors that …

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LocoRobo: A Robot Designed to Grow with a Child

LocoRobo offers different levels of control for programmers of all ages and abilities. Photo courtesy of LocoRobo.

Another educational robot for children has entered the arena: LocoRobo. The basic version of the bot features ultrasonic sensors, differential drive, lithium ion batteries, LED lights, and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) dongle for downloading code. The more expensive version of the robot also includes motor …

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