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Rokit Smart: The Educational Robot That Can Be Built 12 Different Ways

Robolink of San Diego, California has released a new product designed to teach students about robot construction and program on Kickstarter. Known as the Rokit Smart ($129), this table-top robot can be built in 12 different ways. It comes with many programs pre-loaded, and the Hacker’s …

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PCSV Webinar on the Future of Robotics in STEM Education

PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. (PCSV), a leading provider of K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs, today announced its upcoming webinar about the Future of Robotics in STEM Education. Robotics in classrooms is growing around the globe, and PCS Edventures aims to be at the forefront …

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An Easy to Animate, Six Legged Robot

Learn about robotics with this easy to assemble hexapod. (Photo credit: EZ-Robot.)

Meet Six, the hexapod from EZ-Robot. Six can balance on three legs and walk with four, which leaves the other legs free to push buttons, manipulate objects, or reach out for new footing. An camera in the head of the bot can identify QR codes, and …

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Soldering Sunday’s LED Soldering Practice Kit

Make your own nightlight while honing your soldering skills with this kit from Soldering Sunday. (Photo credit: Soldering Sunday.)

Soldering is an important skill for any roboticist. But it’s wise to practice on something simple and inexpensive, before trying to solder together an actual robot. That’s why the LED Soldering Practice Kit is an ideal first project. Each kit contains assorted LEDs that can be …

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Jade Makes it Easy to Get Started in Robotics

The Jade Robot includes an on-board user interface and a wealth of sensors. (Photo credit: Mimetics.)

More than 3,000 students have already worked with the Jade Robot, a well-equipped bot that’s ready to use right out of the box. The robot includes a wealth of sensors, including all-aspect light and object-detection sensors, a spectrometer, and line sensors. Unlike most bots on the …

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A Small, Inexpensive Electric Wheelchair

Tanner Jensen tries out his open-source, electric wheelchair. (Photo credit: Brigham Young University.)

Students at Brigham Young University have built a relatively cheap electric wheelchair for small children. Two of them, actually. The chairs are for brothers with Spinal Muscular Atrophy: three-year-old Tanner Jensen and 20-month-old Skyler. “Working with the Jensen family made the whole project more meaningful,” said …

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3WD Omni Wheel Starter Mobile Robot Kit

DC motors power this bots omni wheels. (Photo credit: SIngularity Robotics.)

Hobbyists with an interest in omni wheels should consider purchasing Singularity Robotic’s Omni Wheel Starter kit. With three omni-directional wheels, this mobile robot kit can move in any direction and at any angle without rotating in advance. The wheels are powered by DC motors and use …

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Build a Self-Balancing, Upright Rover

The SainSmart InstaBots Upright Rover Kit is now easier to build and more stable. (Photo credit: SainSmart.)

SainSmart has updated its Instabot Upright Rover Kit, so now you can build an even better self-balancing bot. The two-wheeled robot features an Arduino Uno R3 and a wireless remote control. Key improvements to the 2.0 version of the Instabot Upright Rover include an LCD on …

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Build Your Own Lizard Robot

The Kingii Dragon Robot from OWI is modeled after the chalamydosaurus kingii lizard. (Photo credit: Robotikits Direct.)

The Kingii Dragon Robot from OWI is modeled after the frilled lizards of Australia, with colorful neck frills and a long, green tail. The robot features a two-mode, infrared sensor. Set to the escape mode, Kingii will act shocked when it detects something in its path, …

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Build Upons LEDs will Light Up Your Lego

Brighten up your Lego creations with compatible LEDs. (Photo courtesy of Sparkfun.)

These little LEDs are more than just brick-ish. They are perfectly compatible with Lego! So take that Lego vehicle and add some working headlights or make your robot’s baby blues really shine! Each LED is precisely the same size as a Lego 1 x 1 brick. …

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Make Bredboarding Easier with 5eBoards

Build a better circuit with a 5eBoard. (Photo credit: 5eTek)

A little color can go a long way, even when bread boarding! The 5eBoardTM system uses different colors of electrically connected blocks so that you can functionally label the parts of your circuit. This makes prototyping, debuging, and testing circuits faster and easier. Create digital and …

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Gobbit Combines Basic Soldering, Breadboarding, Construction, and Coding

Give your kids a chance to learn the basics with the Gobbit kit. (Photo credit: Zagros Robotics.)

When children first get excited about robotics, they are often too young to really know what aspect they’ll enjoy best. Will they like breadboarding and soldering? Will they enjoy putting together the chassis? Or will they fall in love with coding? Ideally, a starter kit should …

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Teaching Kids Modern Coding Strategies with Stickers

MIT researchers say their sticker system encourage young children to learn the fundamental of coding. (Photo credit: Bryce Vickmark)

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have developed stickers for teaching young children to code. “It’s a sandbox for exploring computational concepts, but it’s a sandbox that comes to the children’s world,” Michal Gordon, lead author on a new paper about the stickers, said in a press release. …

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