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The PcDuino3B Mini Computer

The PcDuino3B can be programmed in a variety of languages, including C, C++, Java and Python. (Photo credit: Sparkfun)

With the pcDuino3B development board you can run a fully-functional operating system, such as Linux and Android. You can also use it as a base for your next robotics project, by adding Arduino shields. But the board comes with a lot of features built-in, including an …

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GoBox Delivers Robot Missions All Year Long

The GoPiGo2 robot is the centerpiece of the GoBox STEM program. (Photo credit: Dexter Industries.)

Dexter Industries latest endeavor is the GoBox: a STEM program for kids based on the Raspberry Pi. The GoBox includes the GoPiGo2, an easier to assemble and more durable version of the GoPiGo. Those who sign up for the year-long version of the GoBox will receive robot parts, detailed instructions …

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Learn to Solder Surface Mount Components

Get all the tools you need to learn how to solder SMT. (Photo credit: Elenco.)

Most of the electronics sold today involve a lot of surface mount components. Soldering such tiny parts can tricky and requires additional tools. Elenco’s Surface Mount Technology Soldering Program will help you perfect your skills. The kit includes a solder station, iron, extra wedge tip and …

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Robi the Subscription-based Robot

This little two-pound robot is sent in pieces, over an 18-month period. It's up to you to put him together. (Photo credit: De Agostini Publishing USA.)

A Professor from the University of Tokyo is selling robots, piece by piece, to those willing to pay for an subscription. For $89.99 per month (plus shipping and handling), subscribers get parts and a full color manual explaining how to build each part of the bot. …

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Light Up Flower Craft for Kids

A beautiful bouquet of E-felt flowers will shine for about a month before the battery will need to be changed. (Photo credit: Soldering Sunday)

Looking for a fun, easy way to explore STEM basics with young children? Check out the E-Flower Kit from Soldering Sunday. Children as young as 8 have completed this craft in a half an hour, while learning about LEDs, batteries, and circuits. (Note that this kit …

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Creating Smooth Motion with V-Rollers

Use these V-Rollers to create smooth motion along a channel. (Photo credit:

Put your project in motion with V-Rollers. These carefully crafted parts allow you to smoothly move a tube through an Actobotics channel. The V-Rollers come in three varieties: aluminum screw-set, Delrin with bearings, and the press-fit Delrin. The contoured shape of the V-rollers allows them to …

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ProtoPalette Pro Makes Arduino Exploration Easier

The ProtoPalette Pro weighs 4 lbs and measures 15 x 12 x 3 in. (Photo credit: ProtoPalette EdTech, Inc.)

If you’re eager to build an Arduino-based bot and want to make the process a little easier on yourself, the ProtoPalette Pro is perfect. The Pro includes a breadboard, as well as a wide array of switches and sensors on a relatively small footprint, making it …

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Easy to Assemble, Bluetooth Car Kit

Build your own four-wheeled Arduino robot with this easy to build kit. (Photo credit: Nitro Planes.)

Nitro Planes has a well priced, Arduino-compatible robot kit available. Once assembled, the four-wheeled Remote Control Blutetooth Ultrasonic Ranging Smart Car Kit can roll over grass, gravel and sand. It can even climb a sloped surface. The kit includes an ultrasonic module, one infrared receiver, an …

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Mini Solderless Breadboard

Try out a new sensor on your robot without committing to the setup, using a Mini Solderless Breadboard. (Photo credit: Adafruit.)

Need to test something minor on your robot but don’t want to commit it to solder? This mini solderless breadboard is perfect! Smaller than a U.S. quarter, this little breadboard will fit just about anywhere. It only weighs 2 grams, too! The board has four rows …

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Simplify Sensor Hookup with the Grove Base Shield

Hook up your Arduino Uno project faster with the Grove Base Shield. (Photo credit: Seeed Studios.)

Want an easier way to hook sensors up to an Arduino: check out Seed Studio‘s Grove products. Grove components let builders skip the tedious breadboarding process! Just plug the Grove Base Shield on top of your Arduino Uno. It’s easy to find a home for any …

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Two-Wheel Balancing Robot Kit

Learn about self-balancing robots with this great kit, built around an Arduino-compatible board. (Photo credit: DFRobot.)

If the MiP has piqued your interested in self-balancing robots but you like building things yourself, check out the Two-Wheel Balancing Robot Kit from DFRobot. The kit includes a custom acrylic case, DFRduino Uno, a six-degrees-of-freedom IMU shield, two DC motors, four analog rotation sensors and …

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3-in-1 All Terrain Robot

Made by OWI Robots, this little bot can be a gripper, forklift, or a rover. (Photo credit: Jameco Electronics)

The 3-in-1 All Terrain Robot is a tracked robotic kit that you put together yourself. It has 120 pieces that can be put together, as the name suggests, in three different ways: as a forklift, a rover, or a gripper. All you need is 4 AA …

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A Smaller Makey Makey

Use anything conductive as a button with the single-input Makey Makey Go. (Photo credit:

You probably remember the original Makey Makey as the device that made computing hilarious because it lets you use anything conductive as a button. The new Makey Makey Go now brings that same hilarity to a smaller format. Designed by PhDs from MIT, the device is …

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