Saturday, September 26, 2020
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OWI Launches Hydraulic Arm Edge

Following the success of their award-winning Robotic Arm Edge, OWI now makes robotic arm technology hydro-mechanically fun with the new Hydraulic Arm Edge, with six axes of varied movements.

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OWI Robotics T4 Transforming Solar Robot

OWI’s geek squad, who brought you the beloved T3 Transforming Solar Robot, has dusted off their labs coats and goggles to create their latest triumph: T4 Transforming Solar Robot.

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Learn About Air Pressure with the Air Power Racer

Learn about an alternative energy source with OWI's Air Power Racer. (Photo credit: OWI.)

OWI is releasing a new toy soon: the Air Power Racer. This easy-to-build product runs on air pressure alone. No battery! No motor! Pump the robot full of air, and watch it go! The air chamber is made from a plastic bottle. If the bottle is pumped with …

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Build Your Own Lizard Robot

The Kingii Dragon Robot from OWI is modeled after the chalamydosaurus kingii lizard. (Photo credit: Robotikits Direct.)

The Kingii Dragon Robot from OWI is modeled after the frilled lizards of Australia, with colorful neck frills and a long, green tail. The robot features a two-mode, infrared sensor. Set to the escape mode, Kingii will act shocked when it detects something in its path, …

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