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Devastator Robot Kit

This tracked bot runs on the Intel Edison. (Photo credit: DF Robot)

The Devastator Robot can avoid obstacles and act as a remote, mobile, surveillance bot. Made by DFRobot, the kit has a USB camera, so you can see your robot’s surroundings via WiFi on your computer or smartphone. The included Hexa Base Rotate kit with servos provides a full …

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The PcDuino3B Mini Computer

The PcDuino3B can be programmed in a variety of languages, including C, C++, Java and Python. (Photo credit: Sparkfun)

With the pcDuino3B development board you can run a fully-functional operating system, such as Linux and Android. You can also use it as a base for your next robotics project, by adding Arduino shields. But the board comes with a lot of features built-in, including an …

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Get started with the Intel Edison using a kit from Sparkfun!

The SparkFun Starter Pack for Intel® Edison. Photo courtesy of Sparkfun.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your first project with an Intel Edison, you’ll definitely want to check out Sparkfun’s kit. It has all the basics: an Edison, GPIO block, base block, battery block, a 6-foot microB cable, and all the schematics and documentation you’ll need. Not …

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