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Developing Code to Sense Human Intent

A role adaptation control scheme allows the leader or follower role of a robot to be adjusted continuously based on the sensed intention of a human collaborator. (Photo credit: A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research)

A robot’s role in a shared task could be continuously adjusted during the activity, thanks to a new adaptive robot control system that can sense whether a human operator wants to lead or follow. Developed by researchers at Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), the …

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Lessons Learned Watching Untrained People Fly Drones

A Parrot AR.Drone.2, such as the one shown here, was used in the study. (Photo credit: Parrot)

You can learn a lot watching someone who has no clue what they’re doing. That’s the basic premise behind new research on human-robot interactions. The study, which involved 90 untrained participants trying to fly drones through an obstacle course, found that it didn’t matter whether the participants were told …

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Teaching robots to stay out of the way

Researcher Marianne Bakken attempting to get close and personal with an orange robot arm – moving in all directions to try to get the robot to collide with her. But it manages to avoid her every time. (Photo credit: Werner Juvik/SINTEF)

Researchers have developed a robot that adjusts its movements in order to avoid colliding with the people and objects around it. This provides new opportunities for more friendly interaction between people and machines. Modern industrial robots commonly weigh several tonnes are therefore placed inside enclosures to …

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Humans can empathize with robots

It's important to understand how humans feel about robots, if we are going to work together. (Photo credit: Toyohashi University of Technology)

New research from Japan suggests humans feel empathy toward robots they think are in pain. Electroencephalography (EEG) studies of humans found their brains responded similarly to perceived pain in robots as they did in other humans — except at the beginning of the process. The researchers …

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Human Navigation System Demonstrated

By electrically stimulating the right muscles, researchers were able to control which way humans walked using a smart phone. (Photo credit: University of Hannover, University of Munich, University of Stuttgart.)

Can’t chew gum and walk at the same time? Worry not! Researchers in Germany have demonstrated a remote-control system for human legs that can successfully steer people around a busy park, and on uneven ground. The actuated navigation system is intended to reduce the cognitive load …

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Fusing Robotic Sound and Sight to Enhance Communication

Researchers at Inria used a NAO robot to test a novel system for detecting and localizing talking humans. Photo courtesy of Aldebaran.

Ideally, humans shouldn’t have to wear microphones to have a decent conversation with a robot. But background noise coming from the environment and the bot itself, can make it difficult for a bot to pick up a clear audio signal. Turning toward the person speaking tends …

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A Robot Designed to Play Nicely with Humans

Omron's robot serves the ball back nicely to its opponent. Photo courtesy of Omron Corp.

Omron Corp. recently demonstrated their ping-pong playing robot at CEATEC Japan, to show off the company’s prowess in robotics. What makes the machine remarkable, is that it’s not intended to play competitively. Instead, it’s designed to play a long, friendly game with lots of easy volleys. …

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