Monday, March 8, 2021
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Soft Robot Hand Handles Breakables

The fingers on this soft robotic gripper have sensors that estimate the size and shape of an object accurately enough to identify it from a set of multiple items. (Photo credit: Jason Dorfman/CSAIL)

Researchers from MIT have created a robot hand that can handle your fine breakables. Daniela Rus of MIT’s Distributed Robotics Lab demonstrated the 3-D-printed robotic hand which was made out of silicone rubber. The three-fingered bot can handle items as delicate as an egg and as thin …

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Actobotics Parallel Gripper Kit A

Give your robot a hand with the Actobotics Parallel Gripper Kit A. (Photo courtesy of Servo City.)

Does your robot need to get a grip? The new Parallel Gripper Kit A from Actobotic could be the answer! The grippers on this part move toward each other in parallel to squeeze and hold the object of interest. It opens to a maximum width of 2.8″ but …

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Robot to Play Beer Pong at CES

Empire Robotics CES booth lets humans test their beer pong skills against a robot. Photo courtesy of Empire Robotics.

Robots often dot the landscape at the Consumer Electronics Show, and this year one bot is showing off its skills at beer pong. Empire Robotics‘ demonstration pits humans against its novel gripper robot, the Versaball. The bot is actually intended for manufacturing. But frat boys should …

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A Very Handy Ball for a Game of Robotic Pick Up

The Versaball takes a novel approach to picking up objects: using suction and a granular substance, the ball molds itself around each item. Photo Courtesy of Empire Robotics.

A unique gripper system called the Versaball made it’s first appearance as a commercial product last month, at the International Manufacturing Trade Show in Chicago. Built by Empire Robotics, the Versaball is not a typical robot hand. It can pick up a wide range of items without lifting a …

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