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DARPA Creating Industry/Government Group for Safe Operation of Space Robotics

(Source: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; issued Nov 29, 2016) Recent technological advances have made the longstanding dream of on-orbit robotic servicing of satellites a near-term possibility. The potential advantages of that unprecedented capability are enormous. Instead of designing their satellites to accommodate the harsh reality …

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Man Feels With Robotic Fingers in DARPA Breakthrough

To adequately mimic the function of a human hand and arm, a robotic prosthetic must interface with the wearer’s nervous system in a way that enables the wearer both to control the arm through brain commands and to receive sensory feedback from the limb. DARPA-funded research …

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DARPA’s Near Zero Power RF Program Seeks Proposals

N-ZERO-equipped sensors could be helpful when a constant power supply isn't readily available for distributed sensors, but ongoing monitoring is essential. (Photo credit: DARPA.)

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a new program to develop sensors that consume very little power over time, essentially laying dormant until a particular event occurs and then gathering and relaying data to new relevant people. Known as the Near Zero Power …

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DARPA Holds Contest for High School Students with Clear Vision of our Robotically Enhanced Future

DARPA wants to know how high schoolers think robots will influence the future. (Photo credit: DARPA)

Are in you grades 9 – 12 and have some deep thoughts to share about the future of robotics and its societal implications? Create a two- to three-minute video with your thoughts, and you could win a chance to see the DARPA Robotics Challenge in Pomona, CA this …

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