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3WD Omni Wheel Starter Mobile Robot Kit

DC motors power this bots omni wheels. (Photo credit: SIngularity Robotics.)

Hobbyists with an interest in omni wheels should consider purchasing Singularity Robotic’s Omni Wheel Starter kit. With three omni-directional wheels, this mobile robot kit can move in any direction and at any angle without rotating in advance. The wheels are powered by DC motors and use …

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A Wireless Arduino Variant with an ESP8266EXW WiFi Chip

At 50 mm long and 18 mm wide, the Arachnio is just a wee bit larger than the Arduino Micro -- to fit the integrated antenna. (Photo credit: Logos Electromechanical)

The first Arduino-compatible board with an integrated ESP8266EX WiFi chip is now available on Kickstarter. Called the Arachnio, the board is ideal for Internet of Things projects, as well as mobile sensors and robotics. “The number of applications the Arachnio can be used for is almost …

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Build a Self-Balancing, Upright Rover

The SainSmart InstaBots Upright Rover Kit is now easier to build and more stable. (Photo credit: SainSmart.)

SainSmart has updated its Instabot Upright Rover Kit, so now you can build an even better self-balancing bot. The two-wheeled robot features an Arduino Uno R3 and a wireless remote control. Key improvements to the 2.0 version of the Instabot Upright Rover include an LCD on …

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Pololu’s Tracked Robot Kit with LCD and Sensors

Build a line follower, an obstacle avoider, or a Sumo robot with this kit from Pololu. (Photo credit: Pololu.)

The Zumo 32U4 robot from Pololu is built around an Arduino-compatible ATmega32U4 MCU. Motor drivers, an LCD, quadrature encoders, line sensors, side and front proximity sensors, and a full IMU are all part of the kit. In fact, the kit includes all the parts you need …

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Make Your Robot More Interactive with the MUX Shield II

The Mux Shield II from Mayhew Labs lets you hook up 48 more inputs or outputs to your Arduino project. (Photo credit: Arduino.)

Expand your robot’s ability to interact with the world with the MUX Shield II by Mayhew Labs. The shield, which will work with an Arduino or Arduino Mega, adds capacity for 48 inputs or outputs. To get the job done, the board uses three Texas Instruments …

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Gobbit Combines Basic Soldering, Breadboarding, Construction, and Coding

Give your kids a chance to learn the basics with the Gobbit kit. (Photo credit: Zagros Robotics.)

When children first get excited about robotics, they are often too young to really know what aspect they’ll enjoy best. Will they like breadboarding and soldering? Will they enjoy putting together the chassis? Or will they fall in love with coding? Ideally, a starter kit should …

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uArm Robotic Arm

A small suction cup at the end of the uArm makes it easy to pick up small items. (Photo credit: uFactory.)

A big success on Kickstarter, the easy-to-operate uArm is now available for $399 directly from UFactory. Program it to move chess pieces, deal cards, or assist you with packaging. The metal arm features a vacuum-powered suction cup on the tip, perfect for picking up small items. …

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Build Bots with the Artec Blocks Robotist Basic

Use the Arduino-compatible board to program your robot different behaviors. (Photo credit: Maker Shed.)

With the basic Robotist kit from Artec Blocks, kids can easily combine sensors and motors to make their own robot. The kit contains infrared, touch, light and sound sensors, as well as servos, a buzzer, LEDs, and an accelerometer. With all those parts and a bunch …

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A Battery Monitor, Charger, and Arduino in One

The Qduino Mini effectively combines an Arduino Leonardo with a LiPo battery charger and power gauge. (Image credit:

Want to charge your Arduino projects easily and monitor the life of your batteries? What you need is a Qduino Mini. Designed by Quinn, a 13-year old with impressive electronics skills, the Qduino Mini is small, inexpensive, and handy. It effectively combines an Arduino Leonardo, a …

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Touch Board Inventors Kit

Paint a piano on a piece of paper and then play it, using the Bare Conductive Touch Board Inventors Kit. (Photo credit: Bare Conductive.)

Bare Conductive’s Touch Board Inventors Kit is ideal for both beginners and those who already have some experience with sensors and Arduinos. The touch board itself is very versatile, intended as a platform for a wide range of projects. Use it to turn just about anything conductive (including Bare Conductive’s paint) …

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Robots Take Aim with Trossen’s Foam Dart Gun Kit

Protect your valuables by adding some foam weaponry to your robot. (Photo credit: Trossen Robotics.)

Ready, aim, fire! Add some fun firepower to your robot with a Foam Dart Gun Kit from Trossen Robotics. The kit is designed to be used with a pan-tilt system and any Arduino-compatible microcontroller. Each kit includes a dart gun, two foam darts, laser cut plate …

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The Arduino-Compatible Scamper Robot Kit

The basic, assembled Scamper robot. (Photo courtesy of Dagu Hi-Tech Electronics.)

The Scamper Robot Kit looks like a lot of fun for those who enjoy integrating art and robotics. Among other things, the bot can be used to draw programmed patterns. The creators of the bot have even been experimenting with using a 100 mL syringe to release …

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ComMotion Motor Driver Shield

The ComMotion Motor Driver Shield makes it easy to integrate 4 DC brushless motors with your Arduino. Photo courtesy of Sparkfun.

Easily control robots with omni or mecanum wheels using Sparkfun’s ComMotion Motor Driver Shield. This four-channel shield can control up to four DC brushed motors at once, read their encoders and monitor their current draw. It fits on any RedBoard, Arduino, other development board with an …

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