Friday, November 24, 2017
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Swimming Your Way…

034-1Hibot Robotics (Japan) specializes in developing robots that perform beneficial tasks in extreme environments, whether on elevated power lines or deep underwater. Hibot’s ACM-R5 is a snake-like robot with robust seals and waterproofing as well as a strong yet flexible structure enabling it to operate under “severe submerged conditions.” Its modular design allows the robot length to be modified as required and is also equipped with small passive wheels for locomotion on smooth surfaces. The camera is mounted in a special mechanism that provides a properly oriented view even when it is moving through the water. For more information on Hibot and its robots, visit
Photo, courtesy of Hibot, taken with an Olympus digital camera, 1/60 sec., F/3.5, ISO 80. Our thanks to Lem Fugitt,, for background on Hibot.

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