Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Spherical 3D Security – Rotundus GroundBot


018-3The Rotundus GroundBot can be used for a wide range of duties, including the automated patrolling of larger areas, teleoperated surveillance, the inspection of remote or dangerous sites and the monitoring of explosive gases. GroundBot can be equipped with many types of cameras and sensors, including wide-angle 360degree vision and night vision (IR) cameras as well as microphones or loudspeakers. The unfolding scene transmitted from GroundBot is in real time in panoramic 3D. The operator also sees a computer-generated image of GroundBot superimposed on the real-time video stream. The video streams (2D and 3D) are transmitted via MPEG-4 wrapped in RTP/RTSP, so they can be integrated with legacy systems. With a payload capacity of two kilograms, the GroundBot can be operated continuously for eight to16 hours, depending on its mission profile. Its Li-ion batteries can be recharged in three to four hours. GroundBot has a polycarbonate shell with a high-friction coating, and it operates on most terrain, including deep snow, ice, mud and sand, and it floats on water. Its top speed is about 6mph. It carries two dual-band (L1 and L2) GPS receivers, and its odometry sensors include accelerometers, gyros, a magnetometer and rotary encoders. For more details on this well-rounded robot, visit