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Soft Robotics Competitions Offer $10,000 in Prizes

Soft Robotics Toolkit LogoThere’s still time to sign up your team for the 2015 Soft Robotics Competitions!

For the design competition, entrants are charged with creating a novel device using at least one of the tools available on Harvard’s Soft Robotics Toolkit Website. The entire robot doesn’t have to be soft — it can incorporate more traditional, rigid elements. But at least one component must be soft. Entrants must document their creations on a wiki, including information on the background, design, fabrication and testing. Winners will be announced July 16 and the first-place title comes with $3,000. Second and third place prizes will also be awarded.

A separate competition is intended to encourage and promote published research in soft robotics. Entrants can submit any soft robotics research paper that has been published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or conference proceedings. Entrants must notify the Toolkit Team that they intend to submit a paper by May 15. The winner of the $5,000 prize will be announced July 15.