Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Rudolph the Robotic Reindeer?!??

Ho! Ho! Whoooh! Those aren't reindeer! (Photo credit: Boston Dynamics)
Ho! Ho! Whoooh! Those aren’t reindeer! (Photo credit: Boston Dynamics)

Boston Dynamics has released a video of some of their four-legged, walking robots pulling Mrs. Claus in Santa’s sleigh.

The short video features three of the biologically-inspired robots prancing across a green field in front of an office building and a cab (which happens to travel faster than the bots). The robots have been decked out with fake antlers and bells. The robots were originally designed for military applications, making the video a mix of funny and terrifying.

The robot closest to the sleigh appears to have a bit less bounce than the two in the front. But then, those two aren’t actually attached to each other or the sleigh. No word on how many bots it would take to pull Santa with all the toys in tow.