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Robotics Meets New Age DIY


This technology celebration and family picnic takes experimenting with modern technology to new heights with mods, special DIY projects and visionary hacker developmental work.

Parallax, Robot Society of America, FIRST VEX, FIRST LEGO, Botball, the Robot Fighting League and other robotics groups and companies will be putting on robotics exhibitions and workshops. The MythBusters will make an appearance in Robot’s booth.

You’ll even see examples of hobby robotics that Microsoft employees get up to in their spare time.

Parallax is a pioneering company that has helped countless robot enthusiasts and students enter the exciting world of robotics. For some great details on how founder Ken Gracey and his associates made this happen, click here.


Bring home Parallax hardware!

Parallax will run three workshops at the Maker’s Faire in San Mateo, California on April 22-23. Each workshop costs $15.00 and you’ll take home the sensor, BASIC Stamp board and documentation.

Workshop #1: Build and Program Your Own RFID Reader

In this workshop, guests will wire up a Grand Idea Studio RFID reader on a Parallax BASIC Stamp Board, and program it as a security ID device. Each RFID tag will be scanned, stored in a memory, and read back via LCD or PC display to identify the person, object or animal which may carry the tag. Visitors will take all of the hardware with them from the workshop and be able to continue the development of the project as they desire.

Workshop #2: Ultrasonic Rangefinding Distance Device and Alarm

Using the Ping))) (a pre-calibrated, pulse-width output ultrasonic rangefinder) sensor on a BASIC Stamp board, participants will build and program a distance detection alarm system. This device could be used to sense the distance between the garage wall and the car bumper, to count people passing by a fixed location, to detect whether a window is open or closed, or on a robot to determine the location and distance of an obstacle.

 Workshop #3: Accelerometer Sensor Basics

Dual-axis thermal accelerometers output a pulse width related to static (incline) and dynamic acceleration. In this workshop, participants will wire a Memsic 2125 on a BASIC Stamp board. The microcontroller will be programmed to display the accelerometer’s two-axis incline. The hardware could be taken away from the seminar for the following purposes: mounting on an R/C car or skateboard for g-force or incline data logging; on a two-wheel balancing robot; or on a dashboard of your 4×4 as a tilt indicator. Visit Parallax at www.parallax.com.

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