Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Robotic Welding Accelerates

018-1018-2 We’ve seen automated automobile welding solutions for many years, and with the continuing advances of robotics, welding can now be done in small batch production runs for a growing variety of products. SmartTCP offers turnkey robotic welding system training— from hardware and software to installation—and support. Historically, large, complex metal products in construction and heavy industries have been partly fabricated by semi-automatic welding machines and largely by the intensive labor of expert welders, but that’s all changing.

The challenges have been complex. Robot programming for one-off and small-batch production has been hard and time consuming; this has often made production automation for small one-off projects uneconomical. SmartTCP can, however, weld any weldable, large, complex assembly that fits within the predefined three-dimensional working envelope, even if it is the “first time seen.” After downloading the execution program- ming file to the controller of the welding robot cell, SmartTCP analyzes the 3D CAD file of a structure’s final assembly drawing as though the evaluation were being done by an expert welder. It then implements the most sophisticated welding and robot technologies. Have you learned to “run a bead” in an industrial arts welding class? Your fellow welders now include a growing assortment of robots. To learn more, visit