Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Robot Magazine Seeks Writers!


If you or any of your colleagues would like to contribute to a semi-technical consumer and news magazine on robotics that has international distribution, Robot Magazine and is for you!

Share your special project or organization’s initiatives in this highly respected publication, and add to your CV or resume. This is a great way to publish to a core readership of robotics enthusiasts, educators and news hounds who have been reading Robot for over 8 years. If you are excited about publishing to a core group of students, educators, industry observers and the community at large, we are too! We are particularly interested in any who would like to make regular contributions.

We provide a well balanced mixture of technical, educational, commercial and hobby robotics content that appeals to a broad base of subscribers and regular newsstand readers.

Please contact us by visiting:, where you can submit your contact information online.

If you or any of your colleagues are interested in joining our team, please contact us!