Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Robot Ethics

Edited by Patrick Lin, Keith Abney and George A. Bekey

his volume contains thought provoking essays and scholarly discussion of how society and ethics may change as a result of emerging robotics technologies. Topics range from the possibility of programming ethics into robots to the ethical use of war fighting robots, and different kinds of human-robot relationships are explored. What are the ethical implications of using robots as care givers and servants, and should biological-computational hybrids ever be given rights or some level of moral standing? This authoritative work pro- vides both expert analysis and philosophic dis- cussion of what are thought to be the most criti- cally important aspects of robot ethics. Topics addressed include design and programming, military uses, privacy, the psychology of human-robot bonding, medicine and care, and the possible emergence of robot rights.
—Tom Atwood


Publisher: MIT Press $36.52; Kindle $31.49

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0262016667