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Robot Alchemy

by Texe Marrs

Robot Alchemy is a great resource for any who are vitally interested in robotics, the future of technology and what it means for humanity. This generously illustrated work—packed full of color photos with many high-quality B&W graphics—was put together by Texe Marrs, a retired United States Air Force officer and the author of 46 books. Titles by Marrs include The Great Robot Book, The Personal Robot Book, Careers in Computers, and Careers with Robots.

Robot Alchemy is filled with inspiring visions of the future as well as more than a few hard predictions. Marrs feels that as early as 2035, robots will reach parity with humans in technological knowledge and dexterity. He advises us to think carefully about the issues as our survival as a species and our lives, individually, will be affected. With chapter titles like “Transhumanism: Men into Superman, and Then into God,” and “Humans Become Cyborgs—The Bionic Human,”

066-1Mars is not just a reporter but also a visionary making comments about where our technology is headed. His book is also a factual compendium that you can use as a research resource. For example, he notes in a chapter on military robots that tiny robot insects could be spying on us (he does not cross the boundary of stating that they are likely in use at this time). His military background offers helpful perspective; he notes that DARPA’s Cheetah and LS3 AlphaDog (quadrupeds) may be better suited to crowd control than to military use. He shows a photo of a not widely publicized micro aerial vehicle (MAV) ornithopter that looks ever so much like a crow perched on a telephone wire. Created by the U.S. Air Force, this stealthy robot can be used in swarms or singly, and Marrs notes, it can be weaponized. He quotes the Air Force to make his point: ”In MAV, we downsize weapons and revolutionize warfare.”

Marrs takes a close look at the sprawling robotics industry already upon us. A case in point is the Foxconn plant at the huge Zenchua Science and Technology Park, located in Zhengzhou, China. It is the world’s largest electronics producer, and makes products for Apple, Intel, Amazon, Sharp, Dell, Cisco and many more. At the beginning of Chapter 2, Marrs notes Foxconn’s announcement that they plan on replacing over one million workers with robots over the course of a few years. The question this begs, and not just for the employees of Foxconn but for people worldwide, is how will displaced human beings find employment when their former jobs are now performed by robots?
Are we headed to an Orwellian future with Big Brother hovering at every corner? Or will we enjoy new prosperity as the robots in our lives and industries usher in a new era? These are the issues Marrs articulately outlines. There may even be a wondrous new epoch in the evolution of human society, one in which robots and humans essentially merge—in information processing and even physically. These possibilities are no longer the stuff of science fiction, as Texe Marrs so eloquently points out. We highly recommend this book to our readers. Five Stars!

Table of Contents

1. If We Are Lucky, They’ll Treat Us As Pets 2. Waiting for the Apocalypse
3. Transhumanism: Men into Supermen, and Then into God
4. The Avatar
5. Social Relationships and Robots to Come
6. Robots and the Creation of Life
7. The Robot Invasion
8. Robots in Science Fiction and Movies
9. Robots: Be Part of the Beginning
10. Humans Become Cyborgs—The Bionic Human
11. “Your Slippers, Sire”—Personal and Home Robots at Your Service
12. Industrial and Worker Robots
13. Entertainment Robots
14. Military Robots: Machines to Conquer 15. Robots in Space
16. The Robots Will Impact Your Life
Appendix 1: Understanding Robots
Appendix 2: The Anatomy of Robots
A Brief Glossary of Robotics Terms Index, About Texe Marrs, For More Information



Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: Available at, $23.58, Kindle versions available

Language: English

ISBN-13: 9781930004801