Sunday, October 21, 2018

Plug & Play

Mini Solderless Breadboard

Try out a new sensor on your robot without committing to the setup, using a Mini Solderless Breadboard. (Photo credit: Adafruit.)

Need to test something minor on your robot but don’t want to commit it to solder? This mini solderless breadboard is perfect! Smaller than a U.S. quarter, this little breadboard will fit just about anywhere. It only weighs 2 grams, too! The board has four rows …

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Easily Measure Weight With Your Arduino

A new breakout board from Sparkfun allows you to easily integrate a load cell into your next electronics project. The board uses an HC711 IC, and uses a two wire interface (clock and data) for communication. Just connect the amplifier to a microcontroller, such as an …

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MIT’s Origami Robot

MIT's self-folding robot can walk and swim on top of fluids. (Photo credit: Christine Daniloff/MIT)

MIT researchers have built origami robots. When heated, the paper thin, previously flat robots folds up into a predetermined shape that allows them to move along a solid surface or float on top of a liquid and move around like a little boat. Each robot weighs …

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Get a Feel For Electronics with Squishy Circuits

Instructions for this and other Squishy Circuits are available on the company's Website. (Photo credit: Squishy Circuits.)

If you’re eager to explore basic electronics in an out-of-the-box way and have an artistic bent, you’ll likely love a Squishy Circuits Kit. The concept behind the kit is simple: create one dough that conducts electricity and one dough that does not, then use the doughs …

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Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit for Redbot

The completed robot! (Photo credit: Sparkfun.)

The Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit for Redbot is designed for the total novice. According to the Sparkfun Website, all you need is the desire to learn! The Kit comes with everything you need to build nine circuits for the robot that will teach you about various aspects …

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Simplify Sensor Hookup with the Grove Base Shield

Hook up your Arduino Uno project faster with the Grove Base Shield. (Photo credit: Seeed Studios.)

Want an easier way to hook sensors up to an Arduino: check out Seed Studio‘s Grove products. Grove components let builders skip the tedious breadboarding process! Just plug the Grove Base Shield on top of your Arduino Uno. It’s easy to find a home for any …

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Two-Wheel Balancing Robot Kit

Learn about self-balancing robots with this great kit, built around an Arduino-compatible board. (Photo credit: DFRobot.)

If the MiP has piqued your interested in self-balancing robots but you like building things yourself, check out the Two-Wheel Balancing Robot Kit from DFRobot. The kit includes a custom acrylic case, DFRduino Uno, a six-degrees-of-freedom IMU shield, two DC motors, four analog rotation sensors and …

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Sparkfun Gram Piano Kit

While this piano only has 8 keys, users can change the octave by turning the potentiometer. (Photo credit: Sparkfun.)

Looking for a fun soldering project that does more than light up? The SparkFun Gram Piano Kit will have you singing a happy tune in no time! Once built, the piano’s capacitive resistance keys respond to your touch. Tap one of the eight keys and the …

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Truck-Bed Chassis with Raised Base for Arm, Camera or Scoop

Use the Gooseneck to mount an arm or gripper easily. (Photo credit: ServoCity.)

The Gooseneck Robot Kit from Actobotics offers some interesting features you might want to consider for your next project. The truck-bed style chassis is ideal for holding batteries, electronics, or another small load. The protruding “Gooseneck” piece can act as base for a camera, robotic arm, gripper kit, scoop, or whatever attachment …

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FingerTech Mini Power Switch

Make life easier during your next robot battle with this power switch from FingerTech Robotics. (Photo credit: FingerTech Robotics.)

This high-power switch is perfect for robotics competitions, when you don’t want to be plugging and unplugging your robot repeatedly. Small yet robust, the FingerTech Mini Power Switch turns on with the low-force twist of an Allen key. Once full rotation counter-clockwise disconnects the power. Weighing …

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Arduino GEMMA: A Mini Wearable Electronic Platform

Get creative with small sewables, with the Arduino GEMMA. (Photo credit: Adafruit.)

Perfect for small, simple, sewable projects, the Arduino GEMMA is a collaboration between Adafruit and The board features an Attiny85, 8K of flash, and 5 I/O pins. It also has a USB bootloader, so it can be plugged it into any computer and reprogrammed via …

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A Smaller Makey Makey

Use anything conductive as a button with the single-input Makey Makey Go. (Photo credit:

You probably remember the original Makey Makey as the device that made computing hilarious because it lets you use anything conductive as a button. The new Makey Makey Go now brings that same hilarity to a smaller format. Designed by PhDs from MIT, the device is …

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A Sturdy Set of Extra Hands

This 4-arm Helping Handing system comes with a 5x Magnifying Glass. (Photo credit: BadgerFly Products.)

Robot builders know how hard it can be two solder together wires and other small items without burning yourself. For that, everyone needs a good set of helping hands. No, not your brother’s appendages! I’m talking about hands that come with alligator clips and don’t care …

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