Monday, September 16, 2019

Plug & Play

Build Your Own Simple, 3D Printed Walker

Created in less than 48 hours, this 3D Printed Arduino robot offers a touch of everything a builder needs to learn. Photo courtesy of Instructables.

If you’re looking for a straightforward Arduino project that involves a bit of 3D printing, some simple construction, with just a dab of soldering, Randy Sarafan has the perfect project for you! With Sarafan’s easy-to-follow Instructable, you’ll have a basic robot up and walking in no time. The robot has four …

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Raspberry Pi Model A+ Released

The new Raspberry Pi Model A+ is cheaper and eats up less power than previous models. Photo courtesy of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

If you’re looking for a smaller, better version of your old Raspberry Pi, the wait is over! The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just released the Model A+. This single-board, ARM-based computer is ideal for makers of all varieties. At 65mm by 55mm, the A+ is smaller than …

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BLE Nano Board from RedBearLab Released

At just 18.5 mm by 21.0 mm, the BLE Nano board by RedBearLab is the smallest Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy development board available.  The quarter-size chip is a real power saver and can serve a central or peripheral role in your next project. Supported BLE central devices include …

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Makeblock’s Ultimate Robot Kit Released

This is just one of more than 10 possible configurations that can be made with Makeblock's Ultimate Robot Kit. Photo courtesy of Makeblock.

Makeblock has released a new, Arduino-based kit that includes a robotic gripper. The Ultimate Robot Kit can be assembled into more than 10 different configurations, with Lego-like instructions available online. The included Arduino controller can be programmed via Scratch. The robot can also be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth …

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Novel Site Sells Hands-on Electronics Lessons, Mailed Monthly

With EEME Kits, kids can learn basic electronics hands on, making a variety of simple circuits, including a lemon battery. Photo courtesy of EEME.

If you have kids and you post about them on Facebook, you’ve probably seen the online ads for a monthly arts and craft subscription service. For a small monthly fee, the company will send you a kit including all the supplies for a few craft projects …

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PopPet: A Robot Pet for Kids to Build

While PopPet is barely longer than a credit card, this DIY kit offers big fun for kids. Photo courtesy of Jaidyn Edwards.

Lots of bots give kids the opportunity to code, but only a few can actually be built by little kids. PopPet, the robotic pet, is a do-it-yourself kit made with children in mind. Designed by Jaidyn Edwards of Adelaide, Australia, PopPet requires no soldering to build. The circuit board is already complete. …

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Build Your Own Gizmo with FlowPaw

The FlowPaw makes it easy to create your own gizmo with sensor boards that click into the fingers. Photo courtesy of DSP Robotics.

DSP Robotics is trying to raise £19,500 via Kickstarter for their expandable electronics education board: FlowPaw. With the right accessories, you can turn FlowPaw into just about anything you want. Whether you make it into a robot, a security device, a game controller, or a synthesizer, DSP …

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New, Highly Customizable Off-Road Chassis from Actobotics

The Nomad 4WD Off-Road Chassis kit from Actobotics allows for quick and easy structural customization with just a hex key.

Sparkfun has released a new robot chassis kit: the Nomad 4WD Off Road from Actobotics. The robot is based on the aluminum channels that are the core of the Actobotics system. The channels feature a pattern of holes in two sizes. The holes make it easy to customize …

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Ozobots Follow Lines On Screen and Off, Respond to Colors

Ozobots race along a track made of printed lines as well as those on the screen of a tablet. Photo courtesy of Evollve Inc.

Imagine racing real toy cars in a video game world. The Ozobot, by Evollve Inc., makes this concept a reality. The tiny, line following robot can interpret colors. To program the robot, simple draw a colorful line according to the directions that come with the bot. Ozobot can be …

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Draw Working Circuits with Conductive Ink

The Circuit Scribe Developers Kit lets builders draw ink-based circuits with sensors and buzzers. Photo courtesy Autodesk.

Sick of breadboards and soldering? Want to teach basic electronics in a whole new way? Electroninks is now selling a fast-drying, conductive ink designed to make learning about circuits fast and fun. Made of silver flake, Circuit Scribe ink can be used to draw lines between batteries, sensors, lights and …

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Keecker Robot Hits Kickstarter

The Keeker robot might look like a space heater, but inside the white dome is a host of entertainment equipment. Photo courtesy of Keeker.

Deeply discounted Keecker robots were offered up today on Kickstarter, as the company tried to raise funds to support the project. Twenty “super early birds” paid just $1,990 for the robot, which will later sell for more than twice that price. Billed as a home entertainment …

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BERO Robot Brings the Beats

Teach the Bero robot how to dance, on those slow days at the office.

A new robot called BERO is a tiny dancer with its own light show and speakers. BERO can be controlled via Bluetooth 2.0, using an Android or iOS device. At four-inches tall, the BERO robot is ideal for small spaces such as a coffee table or desk. Optical navigation …

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Robot Bartender Mixes Adults Beverages

Using Monsieur Robot's touch screen, customers can select from hundreds of drinks.

Monsieur, the robotic bartender, has mastered the art of mixing drinks. More like an Automat than a waiter, Monsieur knows hundreds of cocktail recipes and can mix them on demand. Users can even select a drink from an array of scrolling photos on a touch screen, and then …

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