Monday, September 16, 2019

Plug & Play

Raspberry Pi Camera Robot

Make your Pi camera mobile, with this new chassis kit. (Photo courtesy of Dawn Robotics.)

Dawn Robotics’ new kit offers a low-cost solution for those who want to add mobility to their Raspberry Pi camera. The Chassis Kit includes everything you’ll need to get started, minus the Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi camera, WiFi dongle, and SD card. An online tutorial details …

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ComMotion Motor Driver Shield

The ComMotion Motor Driver Shield makes it easy to integrate 4 DC brushless motors with your Arduino. Photo courtesy of Sparkfun.

Easily control robots with omni or mecanum wheels using Sparkfun’s ComMotion Motor Driver Shield. This four-channel shield can control up to four DC brushed motors at once, read their encoders and monitor their current draw. It fits on any RedBoard, Arduino, other development board with an …

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R is for Robotics Coloring Book

Get creative! Give Dean Kamen any color hair you wish! (Picture taken from R is for Robotics.)

Ladyada’s new coloring book, R is for Robotics, is perfect for inspiring the youngest among us. The book goes beyond the obvious subjects, including everything from Jacquard looms, to prosthetics and hexapods. You can download all of the pages of the book and print them out …

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A Robot To Handwrite Your Letters

The robots at Bond can learn how to write just like you do. Photo courtesy of Bond.

Handwriting is truly a dying art. In many schools, cursive is no longer taught. If you still appreciate handwritten notes, or have clients who do, consider The robots at Bond are experts are handwriting, with real pen and ink. Simply type your message, send it …

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A Reliable, International Power Supply for Single-Board Computers

This 5V 2A Power Adapter from Adafruit was designed to eliminate brownouts. Photo courtesy of Adafruit.

A poorly made power supply can wreak havoc on a robotics project, particularly one that uses USB power. If the cable is too long, made with narrow gauge wire, and the project requires a lot of current, the adapter might not provide 5V reliably. This can cause brownouts …

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Add a Capacitive Touch Screen to Your Raspberry Pi

Adafruit's PiTFT Mini Kit makes a perfect console, X window port, or display on top of your Raspberry Pi A or B rev 2. Photo courtesy of Adafruit.

Raspberry Pi lovers will likely remember the old PiTFT Mini Kit resistive touchscreen, which required a stylus. This new kit, available from Adafruit, can be used with your fingerpad! Featuring at 2.8″ display, the new PiTFT Mini Kit offers 320 x 240 16-bit color pixels. The screen …

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A 5 Megapixel Camera for the pcDuino

Plug this small camera into any pcDuino to capture 5 megapixel images. Photo courtesy of Karlsson Robotics.

Upgrade the video capabilities of your pcDuino with a new camera! The tiny device captures 2592 x 1944 active array video and images. Connecting the 5 megapixel camera is easy, as it plugs right into to any pcDuino V3. The module’s onboard OV5640 image sensor is …

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Hummingbird Duo Premium Robotics Kit

The Hummingbird Duo Premium Robotics Kit features a ton of pre-wired sensors and servos. Photo courtesy of Adafruit.

This beginners robotics kit from Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab features lots of pre-wired sensors and motors that can be easily connected — no soldering required. That makes the kit perfect for anyone starting out in robotics, from age 10 to 110. The kit includes light, sound, …

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Trobo Robot Tells Stories About STEM

According to the designers, Trobo is designed to be a lovable companion first, and teacher second. Photo courtesy of Trobo.

Little kids love stuffed animals. Two dads, Jeremy Scheinberg and Chris Harden, decided to take advantage of this fact and design a plushy that would inspire kids to explore STEM concepts. Their toy, Trobo is designed to work in tandem with an iPad or iPhone. Once a wireless connection …

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Actobotics Parallel Gripper Kit A

Give your robot a hand with the Actobotics Parallel Gripper Kit A. (Photo courtesy of Servo City.)

Does your robot need to get a grip? The new Parallel Gripper Kit A from Actobotic could be the answer! The grippers on this part move toward each other in parallel to squeeze and hold the object of interest. It opens to a maximum width of 2.8″ but …

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Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Arduino Kit

Young engineers have enjoyed Sylvia’s Super Awesome Maker Show for years. Watching her explain STEM concepts through project-based science is inspiring. Her latest book, Super Simple Arduino, brings the enthusiasm to a print format, to teach the very basics of working with an Arduino. Perfect for young …

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New Dancing Dino from WowWee

WowWee's new robot, MiPosaur, can chase its trackball and gets angry when you pull his tail. Photo courtesy of WowWee.

WowWee’s latest creation is a robotic dinosaur that can dance and chase its ball. Known as the MiPosaur, this robot features two wheels, a biting mouth, and a long tail that helps it balance using a mobile inverted pendulum (MIP) design created with the UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab. The …

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ZUtA Labs Robot Printer Offers Portability

This portable printer works with any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Photo courtesy of ZUtA Labs.

ZUtA Labs of Israel has created a printer so small, it fits in your hand. Simply line the corner of the device up with the corner of any piece of paper, connect it wirelessly to a Wi-Fi-enabled device, and it’s ready to roll — literally. Rolling …

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