Thursday, August 22, 2019

Plug & Play

Build Bots with the Artec Blocks Robotist Basic

Use the Arduino-compatible board to program your robot different behaviors. (Photo credit: Maker Shed.)

With the basic Robotist kit from Artec Blocks, kids can easily combine sensors and motors to make their own robot. The kit contains infrared, touch, light and sound sensors, as well as servos, a buzzer, LEDs, and an accelerometer. With all those parts and a bunch …

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A Battery Monitor, Charger, and Arduino in One

The Qduino Mini effectively combines an Arduino Leonardo with a LiPo battery charger and power gauge. (Image credit:

Want to charge your Arduino projects easily and monitor the life of your batteries? What you need is a Qduino Mini. Designed by Quinn, a 13-year old with impressive electronics skills, the Qduino Mini is small, inexpensive, and handy. It effectively combines an Arduino Leonardo, a …

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Learn to Solder with CHIP the Robot

CHIP is ready to shine in his Power Pixel base. (Photo credit: Soldering Sunday.)

While there are many starter soldering kits on the market, most don’t integrate coding. What makes CHIP notable — aside for his adorable face — is the fact that he’s programmable. Once you’ve finished soldering all of CHIPs parts, he can be plugged into an Arduino …

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Touch Board Inventors Kit

Paint a piano on a piece of paper and then play it, using the Bare Conductive Touch Board Inventors Kit. (Photo credit: Bare Conductive.)

Bare Conductive’s Touch Board Inventors Kit is ideal for both beginners and those who already have some experience with sensors and Arduinos. The touch board itself is very versatile, intended as a platform for a wide range of projects. Use it to turn just about anything conductive (including Bare Conductive’s paint) …

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Engineering Slide Chart Card and App

Great Innovations' Engineering Slide Chart features all the numbers engineers, mechanics and CAD designers need to know. (Photo credit: Great Innovations.)

Sick of sorting out measurements for screws, or the numbering system for alloy sheets? Great Innovations’ chart keeps the important numbers handy. The chart has a ton of info, including the tap, drill, and stress area for screws, c’bore sizes, bolt grades, prefixes, fractional drill sizes, …

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SuperDroid’s Wi-Fi Enclosed Inspection Robot

Venture into tight spaces and record video using this robot from SuperDroid. (Photo credit: SuperDroid Robotics.)

SuperDroid Robotics has a new low-profile, high-end robot on the market: an inspection bot with a video camera, that can be remotely controlled via an included tablet. At just 12 inches high, the tracked robot is designed to fit into spaces that are less than ideal …

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Robots Take Aim with Trossen’s Foam Dart Gun Kit

Protect your valuables by adding some foam weaponry to your robot. (Photo credit: Trossen Robotics.)

Ready, aim, fire! Add some fun firepower to your robot with a Foam Dart Gun Kit from Trossen Robotics. The kit is designed to be used with a pan-tilt system and any Arduino-compatible microcontroller. Each kit includes a dart gun, two foam darts, laser cut plate …

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Get started with the Intel Edison using a kit from Sparkfun!

The SparkFun Starter Pack for Intel® Edison. Photo courtesy of Sparkfun.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your first project with an Intel Edison, you’ll definitely want to check out Sparkfun’s kit. It has all the basics: an Edison, GPIO block, base block, battery block, a 6-foot microB cable, and all the schematics and documentation you’ll need. Not …

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The Arduino-Compatible Scamper Robot Kit

The basic, assembled Scamper robot. (Photo courtesy of Dagu Hi-Tech Electronics.)

The Scamper Robot Kit looks like a lot of fun for those who enjoy integrating art and robotics. Among other things, the bot can be used to draw programmed patterns. The creators of the bot have even been experimenting with using a 100 mL syringe to release …

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New Shield Makes Integrating Arduino with Lego Sensors and Motors Easy

The EVShield lets roboticists take advantage of the power of Arduino and the easy connectivity of Lego sensors and motors. (Photo credit:

Want to use all of your Lego sensors and motors with an Arduino? The EVShield makes it easy. The board pops on top of any Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, or Leonard, to let roboticists take advantage of all of their easy-to-connect Lego EV3 /NXT sensors and motors, …

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Upgrade Your Electronic Fashion Sense with this Wearables Kit

With the 21st Century Fashion Kit, you can create truly functional fashion. (Photo credit: Sparkfun)

Want to make your shoes light up when you walk, or your skirt change from ankle length to mid thigh based on the temperature? With a little electronics knowledge you can easily integrate your love of robotics with your love of fashion, and create functional clothes …

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Raspberry Pi 2 Considerably Faster, But Camera Shy

The Raspberry Pi 2 offers a faster processor and more memory than the B+. But it has a problem with Xenon. (Photo courtesy of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.)

With a quad core ARMv7 processor running at 900mHZ, the freshest Pi in the shop — the Raspberry Pi 2 — is considerably faster than its predecessors. In fact, it boasts speeds of up to six times faster! It also offers twice as much memory, with …

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Robobuilder UXA-90 Humanoid is Ready for Robocup!

The Robobuilder UXA-90 features 300FPS vision processing at 320x240 pixels and has a fall detection system. Photo courtesy of

Looking for a new Robocup competitor? The Robobuilder UXA-90 Humanoid Robot from Cogibot could be your next star player. The 3-foot tall bot has a 300 frames-per second vision processor that allows it to track colors and estimate distances. So it can kick a ball at a target with …

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