Friday, November 16, 2018

Plug & Play

Make Your Robot More Interactive with the MUX Shield II

The Mux Shield II from Mayhew Labs lets you hook up 48 more inputs or outputs to your Arduino project. (Photo credit: Arduino.)

Expand your robot’s ability to interact with the world with the MUX Shield II by Mayhew Labs. The shield, which will work with an Arduino or Arduino Mega, adds capacity for 48 inputs or outputs. To get the job done, the board uses three Texas Instruments …

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Build Your Own Lizard Robot

The Kingii Dragon Robot from OWI is modeled after the chalamydosaurus kingii lizard. (Photo credit: Robotikits Direct.)

The Kingii Dragon Robot from OWI is modeled after the frilled lizards of Australia, with colorful neck frills and a long, green tail. The robot features a two-mode, infrared sensor. Set to the escape mode, Kingii will act shocked when it detects something in its path, …

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Build Upons LEDs will Light Up Your Lego

Brighten up your Lego creations with compatible LEDs. (Photo courtesy of Sparkfun.)

These little LEDs are more than just brick-ish. They are perfectly compatible with Lego! So take that Lego vehicle and add some working headlights or make your robot’s baby blues really shine! Each LED is precisely the same size as a Lego 1 x 1 brick. …

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Make Bredboarding Easier with 5eBoards

Build a better circuit with a 5eBoard. (Photo credit: 5eTek)

A little color can go a long way, even when bread boarding! The 5eBoardTM system uses different colors of electrically connected blocks so that you can functionally label the parts of your circuit. This makes prototyping, debuging, and testing circuits faster and easier. Create digital and …

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Meet Baxter’s Brother, Sawyer

Sawyer is faster, stronger and more precise that his brother, Baxter. (Photo credit: Rethink Robotics.)

Rethink Robotics has announced a new addition to their robot family: Sawyer, a single-armed robot designed for machine tending, circuit board testing and other high-precision jobs. You can certainly see the family resemblance between Baxter and Sawyer. Both robots feature the same face screen with simple …

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Small, Low-Cost Sound Board for Your Next Electronics Project

This little board can add 16 MG of audio -- no microprocessor required! (Photo credit: Adafruit.)

The Adafruit Audio FX Mini Sound Board ($19.95) is a great solution if you want your next electronics project to make a little noise. The board doesn’t require an Arduino — or any other microprocessor or additional memory — to run. All it needs is a …

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A 3D Printer That Makes An Artful Pancake

The PancakeBot will print your art in batter. (Photo credit: Storebound.)

Turn your sketches into perfect pancakes with PancakeBot! Import your designs into the PancakeBot software and then retrace your image, making sure to the do the lines you want darkest first. The software creates a file that can be stored on an SD card. Insert the …

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Gobbit Combines Basic Soldering, Breadboarding, Construction, and Coding

Give your kids a chance to learn the basics with the Gobbit kit. (Photo credit: Zagros Robotics.)

When children first get excited about robotics, they are often too young to really know what aspect they’ll enjoy best. Will they like breadboarding and soldering? Will they enjoy putting together the chassis? Or will they fall in love with coding? Ideally, a starter kit should …

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Teaching Kids Modern Coding Strategies with Stickers

MIT researchers say their sticker system encourage young children to learn the fundamental of coding. (Photo credit: Bryce Vickmark)

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have developed stickers for teaching young children to code. “It’s a sandbox for exploring computational concepts, but it’s a sandbox that comes to the children’s world,” Michal Gordon, lead author on a new paper about the stickers, said in a press release. …

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BQ PrintBot: A Great Choice for a First Robotics Project

This 3D printed bot could be programmed to follow lines, or seek out the sun. (Photo credit: PrintME 3D.)

The BQ PrintBot (£59.00) was designed as a hobby robot — something for parents to build with their kids, where both could have fun and learn. With this kit, and a little programming know-how, your family could easily make a line-following or light-seeking robot. The 3D-printed …

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New Aerial Robot Flies on Sight, Without Accelerometers

The eyes of the BeeRotor were inspired by those of insects. (Photo credit: Expert & Ruffier (ISM, CNRS/AMU))

A new system for aerial robots ensures flight stability using optic flow sensors instead of an accelerometer. Inspired by the way insects see the world, the sensors allow the robot to autonomously avoid obstacles while flying through a tunnel with uneven walls, without measuring speed or …

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uArm Robotic Arm

A small suction cup at the end of the uArm makes it easy to pick up small items. (Photo credit: uFactory.)

A big success on Kickstarter, the easy-to-operate uArm is now available for $399 directly from UFactory. Program it to move chess pieces, deal cards, or assist you with packaging. The metal arm features a vacuum-powered suction cup on the tip, perfect for picking up small items. …

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Actobotics New PeeWee Runt Rover

The Peewee Runt Rover Kit snaps together. No tools required! (Photo credit:

Need a small, inexpensive platform for your next robot? Actobotics new PeeWee Runt Rover Kit ($15.99) offers a push-together chassis that weighs in at less than half a pound! Special mounts on top of the bot make it easy to snap in a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or Redboard, …

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