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Parallax Inc Makes Learning to Program in C Language Easy with Launch of New Learning System

New tutorials and hardware make C and multi-core more accessible

Rocklin, CA – Parallax Inc, a leading manufacturer of microcontrollers and robotics, announced the release of a new learning system for electronics hobbyists and students designed to simplify learning multi-core programming using the C language. Based around their revolutionary eight-core microcontroller, the Propeller, this new offering will also introduce many to the advantages of programming electronics in the industry-standard language rather than a custom one native to the hardware.

The new Propeller C Learning System consists of a programming tool and a suite of tutorials featuring simple circuits and libraries with code samples for core devices and sensors. Itsimplifies learning to program in the C language for new users, but also allows for deep-dive exploration of the libraries and background code for those who want to know more. With over a decade of experience in providing free textbook downloads for educators and self-guided learners, Parallax is expanding their educational program line to help prepare students and young makers with the skills they need to become tomorrow’s workforce.

“Although C language based programs already exist, we really saw a need for easy C that allows for a direct transition into more complex programming,” shared Jessica Uelmen, director of strategic operations at Parallax. “We wanted to make something that was easy to use while allowing people to leverage the power of the parallel processing made possible by our Propeller chip. We’re proving that multicore programming is nothing to be intimidated by.”

The new system is being launched with the Propeller Activity Board, a new hardware platform featuring the company’s flagship multi-core microcontroller. Each core of this on-board chip can be dedicated to process a different task. Each process can run in parallel, providing truly seamless processing for maximum efficiency and multi tasking. The board features an ideal balance of on-board peripherals to complement the program’s activities without the need for stacking. Among them are an XBee socket for wireless capabilities, a microSD card socket to allow data logging or audio file playback, and a breadboard to allow the easy solder-less connections to servo motors or LCD displays.

The new Propeller C system is already making an impact. Professors and students received the program with great enthusiasm during pilot courses held last week at three top universities in Taiwan. Stateside, some of the program’s alpha testers, at Trinidad State Junior College recently won NASA’s Colorado Space Grant Consortium 2013 Robotics Challenge using the Propeller microcontroller.

Visit the Propeller C Learning System page for all the resources or visit the Propeller Activity Board product page for hardware specification or to order this exciting new hardware from Parallax.


About Parallax: Parallax Inc. designs and manufactures microcontroller development tools and small single-board computers as well as a vast array of products including project boards, robotics kits, educational tools, and sensors. Parallax is dedicated to providing the electronics industry with products that are technically innovative, unique, and economical while staying committed to thoughtful, creative design and quality workmanship. Parallax Inc. is a privately held company located in Rocklin, California.

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