Sunday, June 20, 2021
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OWI Launches Hydraulic Arm Edge

OWI follows their award-winning Robotic Arm Edge with a hydro-mechanical version, Hydraulic Arm Edge. (Photo credit: OWI)

Following the success of their award-winning Robotic Arm Edge, OWI now makes robotic arm technology hydro-mechanically fun with the new Hydraulic Arm Edge, with six axes of varied movements: the gripper to open and close up to 1.89 inches, wrist rotation of 180 degrees, wrist mobility of 98 degrees, elbow range of 44 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, and shoulder motion of 45 degrees. It has a vertical reach of 16.35 inches, horizontal reach of 12.42 inches, and lifting capacity of 50g. With the removal of the gripper, you can activate the suction apparatus. This feature enables the user to elevate objects with a larger surface area (like a small mobile phone). Another unique attribute is its braking system, which is integrated in the lever controllers to execute all commands accurately.


As its name implies, this arm is powered by water, manipulating axes movement via lever controllers. Operators have total command and visual manipulation using the science principles of a hydraulic system and its application, supporting a STEM learning strategy. Easy-to-follow instructions with detailed illustrations make for easy kit building and no battery or motor is required.  Hydraulic Arm Edge is recommended for ages 10 and up, but with 229 assembly parts, it will challenge beginner engineering enthusiasts.

OWI has a premier line of educational robotics kits. Hydraulic Arm Edge is available on Amazon and at for $49.95.