Sunday, December 17, 2017
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NesPi Raspberry Pi Case: Homage to ’80s Nintendo

The new NesPi Lego case is an awesome miniature replica of the 1985 NES case. (Photo credit:

A beautiful new retro Raspberry Pi case called the Lego NESPi is going to delight any Nintendo fans who are also Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and Lego builders.

The creators, Spanish accessories retailer RaspiPC, call it a “Magic Box” designed for those who might hold special memories of their NES of years past. The NesPi kit consists of 108 Lego pieces, a 30-page instruction manual, and includes everything you need to start using your Raspberry Pi 2.

You can buy the kit directly from RaspiPC for €35EUR, which is $39US at their website:


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