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Name That Bot! – Spring 2006

Can you identify this robot? Each issue, the editors will pick a prominent real world robot or one that has appeared in the cinema, on TV or in other contexts and ask our readers if they can identify it. The first three readers who successfully “name that bot” will receive one-year subscriptions or one-year subscription extensions. Email ROBOT at editors@botmag.com, good luck!

Last Month’s Winners!

Congratulations to Daniel Livingston of Rochester, NY, Martin Meier of Richardson, TX and P3 of Hayward, CA for correctly identifying ELEKTRO, the amazing mechanical man. Built by Westinghouse, ELEKTRO performed at the 1939 Worlds Fair in New York City. He stood over seven feet tall, weighed 300 pounds and could walk, talk, raise and lower his arms, turn his head and even smoke a cigarrette. ELEKTRO and his operators performed a 20-minute show every hour during the Fair’s two-summer run. In 1940 he was joined by SPARKO, his mechanical dog. ELEKTRO was restored by Jack Weeks and recently exhibited at the Mansfield Memorial Museum (www.iarc.ws/mmm) in Mansfield, OH.