Sunday, August 1, 2021
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More Control With A Force Servo – Check It Out!

Force Servo Arm Image

Force servo is a new type of a servo drive for remotely controlled devices. The majority of modern servo drives maintain a controlled position of the arm. Other servo drives are responsible for cyclic rotation with variable speed. Force Servo or F-Servo is a servo drive with controllable action force. The value of force is proportionate to the control signal and does not depend on the position of the arm. A force sensor (dynamometer) is used for controlling the force. This arm simplifies many mechanical devices where it’s necessary to control the action force created by a servo drive or the action force of a mechanism controlled by a servo drive. When used instead of a servo drive with a controlled position of the arm, the arm makes it possible to improve the technical characteristics of many devices and mechanisms. The key areas of application are remotely controlled light drones, robots, radio-controlled models, and rotation devices for video cameras.
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