Sunday, July 25, 2021
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The Meccano Meccanoid G15KS

The Meccano MeccaNoid G15 (Photo credit: Toys R Us)
This child-size robot can dance, talk and repond to 30 voice commands. (Photo credit: Toys R Us)

This 4-feet tall robot could get your kids excited about the robot revolution! Made of high-impact polycarbonate construction plates, the Maccanoid G15KS has six motors and multicolored LED eyes. It can be controlled remotely using a Bluetooth device, or programmed using motion capture. You basically move the robot they way you’d like it to move, and it remembers the pattern.

The two-legged walker understands 30 voice commands and can say more than 1000 pre-programmed phrases. It also has an “autonomous personality module” that is impacted by its environment and comes with a handful of preprogrammed modes, including Dance, Kung Fu, Exercise, and High-Five mode.

You can buy the Maccanoid G15KS at Toys R Us for $399.99.