Saturday, April 17, 2021

Leading Edge Robotic News

Build a Hexapod!

LYNXMOTION (866) 512-1024 Lynxmotion has been described by some as “the biggest little robot company.” One of the amazing things happening at Lynxmotion is their emerging “Servo-Erector Set” product line. Founder Jim Frye and his loyal customer base have, in a matter of months, created …

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FEIR Fighting BOTS

INNOVATION ROBOTICS www.innovation (336) 274-4846 Lawrence Feir, founder of Innovation Robotics, has farranging robotics interests that range from high-flying UAVs to combat robots with a sci-fi biomechanical flavor. Botzilla, which took second place on Robotica, a Learning Channel production, sports a pneumatic flipping arm. Botzilla …

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Life Saving BEAR

VECNA TECHNOLOGIES (240) 737-1617 Vecna Technologies’ Battlefield Extraction and Retrieval Robot, or BEAR, can be operated remotely to find people in need of assistance, and then rescue them by picking them up and carrying them to safety. The BEAR robot marries a high-power, hydraulic upper …

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Online Robotics Webcast

NSF ROBOTICS EXHIBITION robotics05/index.jsp The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently hosted a live webcast robotics convention titled: Robots: An Exhibition of U.S. Automatons from the Leading Edge of Research. The report is a fascinating look at U.S. robotics technologies and involved more than a dozen …

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Solar Powered Autonomous Underwater Robot (SAUV)

RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE ARLINGTON, VA – A new solar-powered underwater robot technology developed for undersea observation and water monitoring was showcased at a Sept. 16th workshop on leading-edge robotics held by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, VA. Arthur C. Sanderson, Professor of Electrical, …

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3D-Flying Space BOT

AERCAM SPRINT This out-of-the-window view from the space shuttle shows the Autonomous Extravehicular Activity Robotic Camera Sprint (AERCam Sprint) free-flying in the vicinity of the cargo bay of the Earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Columbia. The AERCam Sprint is a free-flying video-camera-equipped robot that can be used …

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