Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Inspectorbots Releases New Pan/Tilt Minibot

Pan-Tilt Minibot HR1
Inspectorbots’ new Pan/Tilt Minibot, a teleoperated FPV UGV, features a GoPro camera for live video feed and surveillance stills. (Photo credit: Inspectorbots)

Inspectorbots announces the release of the new Pan/Tilt Minibot, their latest robotic platform. It takes the best features of previous robots and combines them into one super platform. The Pan/Tilt Minibot is a hybrid between Inspectorbots’ Spider Mite platform and the Minibot. It features zero-radius turning with a pan/tilt camera. It also features rugged 4WD wheels, can spin on a dime, offers a live video feed, and has a convenient carry handle. The platform is designed to hold a GoPro camera. You can then control the camera from your smartphone with the GoPro app. You can record stills or videos. The Pan/Tilt Minibot is ideal for applications that normally require a human but are too dirty, difficult, or dangerous, such as inspecting pipelines, mines, or crawlspaces.

This Minibot is a 4-wheel-drive electric vehicle with high-torque gearing and motor, and rechargeable batteries. You can charge it in the field with your own vehicle’s 12-volt battery. Lightweight (under 10 lbs.) and low to the ground, it is perfect for confined spaces or remote operations.

The vision system is a stable and reliable system. It includes a GoPro Hero camera. This is a live video system. With its high-powered transmitter and receiver you can view and record video or stills.

The Pan/Tilt Minibot is a teleoperated FPV UGV (First Person View, Unmanned Ground Vehicle).  You control it as if you were inside the vehicle itself. Drop it into a hazardous environment and record the video as you look up, down, left, right and everywhere in-between while sitting in a safe, comfortable location! 

Company president and robot designer Chris Rogers foresees many applications including crawl space inspection, wire/cable installation, surveillance, reconnaissance, under-vehicle inspection, insurance claims, law enforcement, military, covert investigation, pest control, tactical/SWAT operations, HVAC inspection, disaster restoration, energy auditing, public safety, stadium inspection, and engineering.

The stats: 4WD Platform; aircraft-grade aluminum shell; carry handle; easy to use; hi-torque motor; pan/tilt camera mount; GoPro Hero camera and battery charger included; under 10 lbs;  low profile for under-vehicle inspection; live video feed; DVR and  LED lights upgrades available; Range 1,200 ft. LOS; rugged off-road tires; interchangeable wheels; zero turning radius; infrared option available; durable stainless steel fasteners; multiple cam configurations; runtime: one hour; min speed: .06 m/s;  max speed: .75 m/s  (3.7 mph); max incline: 30 degrees; water resistance upgrade available. Dimensions: 14″ W x 12″ L  x  8″  or 11″ H. Ground Clearance: 1.5″

Inspectorbots specializes in rugged, robotic platforms for a variety of industries including education, security, inspection and scientific research with a wide range of high-tech, wheeled or tracked mobile bases. They also create custom platform designs to meet special payload, terrain, clearance, and other requirements. ROVs go where it is difficult, dangerous, hazardous, lethal, hostile or just too toxic for humans to go. They have proven indispensable in many industries. 

Currently only available from Inspectorbots  at, the Tilt/Pan Minibot is $4,990 + shipping. Pan/Tilt Minibot Inspection System for domestic U.S. shipping only. International customers can request pricing at