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Ziro Gesture-Controlled Robot Kit Launches on Indiegogo

Ziro, the world’s first hand gesture-controlled robotics kit, lets you design, build and animate robots, controlling them with the lift of a finger or a flick of the wrist. (Photo credit: ZeroUI)

California based startup ZeroUI has launched its Ziro gesture-controlled robotics kit on Indiegogo. At press time, they had already well surpassed their goal of $30,000. 

Ziro is a modular robotics kit made up of individual mechanized motor modules that are controlled by a wireless “smart glove.” You can design and construct your robots out of any material you have available. including their ready-made starter kits.

You use the ZeroUI smartphone app to configure the modules using the pre-made programming templates, or input your own custom gestures. Control your creations remotely using the Ziro smart glove. Your hand gestures send commands to the modules so that when you move, they move.

Ziro enables eco-conscious roboticists to use nonplastic and eco-friendly materials such as cardboard boxes. Put those recycling materials to good use! Attach your motors to any material and make your creations come to life.  And Ziro’s modular construction allows you to constantly build and rebuild. Get started using their pre-made kits or assemble your own personal designs. Attach the Ziro modules to animate your creations using continuous rotational or hinge movements.

Ziro was developed in research led by Karthik Ramani, the Donald W. Feddersen Professor of Mechanical Engineering and cofounder and chief scientist of ZeroUI, with locations at the Purdue Research Park and in San Jose, California.

Ziro is available in two kits: a $149 Trike starter kit that includes the smart glove controller and two modules, or the $249 Rover Deluxe kit, with the glove and four modules plus a rotating smartphone mount. ZeroUI says the Ziro kits will ship in January 2017, so place your orders via Indiegogo.–3#/