Bonus Content May/Jun 2012

U.S. Air Force partners with Utah State University

Air Force partners with Utah State University using VEX Robotics and intelitek curriculum to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education A new initiative for bringing robotics into the classroom to teach STEM (Science, Technology, [...]

The Aldebaran NAO Next Gen humanoid Used in Education

The Aldebaran NAO Next Gen humanoid is used in a wide variety of markets for teaching, therapy, research and entertainment. Click here to see the NAO Next Gen being used by students. Aldebaran NAO Next Gen, [...]

Innov8tive Designs Next Level Multi-Rotors Video

Lucien Miller, CVO of Innov8tive Designs,, describes the “Next Level Quadcopter” and its components in an interview conducted by Tom Atwood, editor-in-chief of Robot magazine. Lucien flies the Quad in the second video. See the [...]

Xbox Controller Hacked Using Flowbotics!

Xbox controller is hacked into an autonomous robot using Flowbotics! See the xBugVideo autonomous robot perform multiple functions! [...]

MINDS-i 4×4 Arduino Upgrade Video & Code

Minds-I Autonomous Arduino Module Rover Demonstration [...]

Picaxe Controller Part II

PICAXE PART II: Small Arms Expert! This is supplemental information to the construction article in ROBOT magazine, May/June 2012, by Eric Ostendorff. See source code provided at the bottom of this page. ABC Blocks Supply Voltage: [...]