Bonus Content Mar/Apr 2012


DARwIn-OP Robots March in a Bipedal Robot Dance! These videos show three DARwIn-OPs marching in a circle, following a line, but there is more going on here than initially meets the eye. The first Darwin is [...]

VEXpro Controller

  EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are looking for the bonus content for the “Add Bling To Your Robot With Multicolor LEDS” from page 44 in the March/April 2012 issue of ROBOT magazine, please CLICK HERE   [...]

Make A Robotic LED Light Display

Programmable Sparkfun LED Lights On this page you will find links to complete software for both the VEX Cortex and the Arduino based upon this article, published in the March-April issue of Robot magazine. See also [...]

K-See Kinect Robot

Click below to see Steve Norris’s K-See Robot, which uses the Microsoft Kinect sensor system.   DOWNLOAD THE SOURCE CODE AND SCHEMATICS       [...]

ATMAE Student Robot Competition

The Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering held its annual conference November 9  12 at the Cleveland City Center, in Cleveland Ohio. One of the highlights of this annual conference is its student robotics competition. [...]

Picaxe – Budget Bot Brains

Picaxe controllers have been around since 2000 in 8  40 pin packages. They are extremely popular in France and Britain, where they are made. They have a bootloader program that makes them easy to use. The [...]