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HUGE Design collaborates with Aevena on the world’s first self-flying robot for the home: Aire

– The high-tech robot has been designed to fit effortlessly into the home while providing its users with a cutting-edge technological experience. 

San Francisco, USA, 19 September 2017: Leading product design consultancy HUGE Design today reveal details of their work on Aire: the cutting edge, self-flying robot for the home from US-based technology company Aevena – launched today with a Kickstarter campaign.

HUGE Design’s challenge was to help bring to life Aevena’s vision of a premium and intelligent robot that fits effortlessly into the home and can help users stay connected while away. The HUGE design team worked closely with Aevena to take the raw, but unique single propeller prototype Aevena had built and transform it into a polished product that represents a new level of seamless interaction within the connected home.

Bill Webb, partner at HUGE Design commented, “Finding the right balance between creating an intelligent, high-tech robot that also functioned as a family-friendly, lifestyle product was at the forefront of our minds when developing the design for AIRE. If it looked too technical it could have quickly become ‘just another gadget’, and if it looked overly approachable or toy-like it would have detracted from the truly innovative piece of equipment that it is.”

HUGE Design developed the ‘Lift’ design language to define the overall form gesture: a clean vertical cylinder accented by a flared top. This simple silhouette gives a subtly aerodynamic and buoyant feel to the robot and visually mimics the inner duct contours that are key to creating lift and stability in flight. The soft fabric exterior shell trims the overall device weight further, helps reduce prop noise, and allows Aire to slot seamlessly into a domestic environment. Elsewhere, a high gloss sensor band and precision LEDs give Aire a sense of intelligence and capability.

Quinn Fitzgerald, creative director at HUGE Design commented, “HUGE design has worked on several home robotics projects over the past couple of years, each one having unique challenges. Aire had the added dimension of being a dynamically flying object with close proximity to family and belongings. Combining Aevena’s enclosed-prop design with a fabric-wrapped exterior shell was a key break-through, enabling an elegant product facade that hides technical complexity and provides a truly unique aesthetic and experience for users in their home.”

Today, Aevena launched their Kickstarter campaign for Aire. It is now available on Kickstarter starting at $699.