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To Go Where No Tracked Vehicle Has Gone Before


Chaos™, a small robot produced by Autonomous Solutions Inc. (ASI) was profiled in a series of exercises at Cobra Gold 2009 in Thailand. Cobra Gold involved the United States, Thai, Singaporean, Japanese and Indonesian militaries and is meant to improve inter-operability and demonstrate U.S. support for humanitarian and security interests in the Pacific regions. The Chaos shown was built by ASI for the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), which has made it available for the now annual exercise. Scenarios to be explored include route security, cordon and search, casualty extraction and logistical supply. Chaos can navigate over extremely rough, steep, loose terrain with four independent drive tracks that can continuously change orientation a full 360 degrees. Its unique ability to alter its pitch, roll and yaw enables the platform to navigate surfaces that are too uneven for other tracked platforms. The available manipulator arm has a 50-pound capacity at full reach (72 inches) and can fulfill a variety of functions. It can be lifted out of a vehicle by two people. A JAUS-compatible platform, the robot can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors and payloads. For more information, visit


LENGTH: 136cm (tracks extended), 71cm (tracks retracted)



SPEED: Up to 8kph

GAP CROSSING: Up to 45cm


SLOPE: Up to 45 feet

RUN TIME: 2 to 4 hr.

BATTERY: 49V mil-spec Li-ion battery pack

COMMUNICATIONS: 802.11 wireless video, Ethernet capabilities, 2-way audio option

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