Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Eggbot Deluxe Kit: Art Bot for “Impossible” Jobs Gets an Upgrade

EggBot Deluxe. The open-source art robot designed to draw on challenging spherical objects considered impossible to print on. (Photo credit: EggBot.)

EggBot, the handy, inspiring open-source art robot, has been upgraded with some of the most popular kits from the EggBot line. The new EggBot Deluxe is still super adjustable and designed to draw on challenging spherical objects that are considered impossible to print on, such as golf balls, light bulbs, mini pumpkins, and even eggs, up to 4.25 inches in diameter.

The new Deluxe Kit comes with the precision egg coupler, a 5/64″ balldriver, a bracket to hang your hex driver on, and all brass thumbscrews. The precision egg coupler provides improved grip over the original polyurethane cup design so you can print with more accuracy and all brass thumbscrews keep everything tight and sturdy.

Use EggBot to personalize Christmas ornaments or create masterpiece Easter eggs. The EggBot is not just a cool gadget; it’s also a great introduction to do-it-yourself robotics. If you’re interested in building a 3D printer or CNC mill, this is a great way to learn the basics. All of the electronics and software are designed to be hackable and re-purposed, so you could easily computer control an Etch-a-Sketch or create something totally new.

The EggBot software allows you to control the ‘bot from within Inkscape (a free/open source illustration program) on Mac, Windows, or Linux computers. You can draw an image directly, trace a photograph, or import designs from other programs. You can also control the EggBot directly from many other programs that have the ability to send serial commands over a USB port.

The handy EggBot Deluxe is available at the company’s site for $220. It can also be purchased at many online robotic kit sites.