Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Easily Measure Weight With Your Arduino

Sparkfun's Load Cell Amplifier makes it easy to incorporate weight as a factor in your next electronics project. (Photo credit: Sparkfun.)
Sparkfun’s Load Cell Amplifier: a great choice for an Arudino project that needs weight measurements. (Photo credit: Sparkfun.)

A new breakout board from Sparkfun allows you to easily integrate a load cell into your next electronics project. The board uses an HC711 IC, and uses a two wire interface (clock and data) for communication. Just connect the amplifier to a microcontroller, such as an Arudino, and callibrate your device to get accurate weight measurements. Sparkfun has already made code available online for working with the HC711 IC, so it’s a great choice for a first load cell project.

The Sparkfun team used the board to create an automatic dog treat dispenser that releases the treats when a dog steps on a board placed over the load cell. But the board could be used for a wide range of projects. For example, imagine a combat robot that altered its behavior based on the weight of a competitor as it rolled on to a sensor in front of it!

You can buy the Load Cell Amplifier – HX711 from Sparkfun for just $9.95.