Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Cyborg Tandem

034A bicycle built for two takes on new meaning as Robot Village president and founder David Greenbaum tours the Upper West Side of Manhattan with a robotic partner. Aft peddler “555” draws wide-eyed attention in the day, and its many lights illuminate the tandem cycle’s tour of the night. “555” sports feet made of old clothes’ irons—Greenbaum originally wanted to have steam coming out of its feet as they rode along. He created this remarkable character in his apartment above Robot Village, located at 252 West 81st Street, just west of Broadway ( The robot’s head swivels as the duo pedal, lending uncanny realism to the spectacle. While these robotic

excursions have inspired grins among countless pedestrians, Greenbaum notes that the next iteration of “555” will hopefully deliver some power to the pedals! Photo by Anthony Poole.