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CIRC 2011 BotBrawl Videos

Thanks to all of the following companies for their generous prize donations at our 2011 event!

Parallax Boe-Bot Robot Kit, 2X Scribbler 2 Robots, SumoBot Robot Competition Kit
Lemos International 2X Radiometrix Spaceport Evaluation Kits
SolarBotics Arduino Experimenter’s Kit, Ardweeny, Ardweeny Backpack with Red LEDs, Junkbots Book, Robot Building for Beginners, Sandwich PCB Parts Bundle, MouseyBot Kit, Sumovore Mini-Sumo
Lynxmotion 2X Biped BRAT Combo Kits
Probotix FireBall V90 CNC Router Kit w/ Electronics
PNI Sensor Corporation CompassPoint V2Xe 2-Axis Compassing Module Evaluation Kit
Digilent RDK Line Sensor Robotic Development Kit
Lakeview Research 2X Copies of USB Complete Fourth Edition
SchmartBoard SchmartBoard Bestsellers Combo Pack
Basic Micro 2 ARC32s, RoboClaw 2x25A
Dimension Engineering 2X Sabertooth 2X12 R/C
Zagros Robotics Tamiya Double Gearboxes, Tamiya Sport Tire Sets, Wall Hugging Mouse Kit, Arduino Duemilanove
Innovati Innobot Kit
Electronics123 SMS100 Sound Module Kit, Fuel Cell Car Science Kit, Three-in-One Lab Unit, Handheld Pocket Oscilloscope
Technological Arts Solderless BASIC Experimentor Package, Adapt9S12DP512 MCU Module with soBASIC, NanoCore12DXC32S QuickStart Package
Yost Engineering YEI 3-Space Sensor
Pololu Orangutan SVP-1284 Robot Controller, 3pi Robot
Fingertech Robotics Mecanum Wheels (Set of 4), NEW Cobra MiniSumo Chassis
MAKE Magazine 10X Mintronics: Survival Packs, 10X Mintronics: Mintduinos, 5 copies of “Getting Started with Arduino”, 5 copies of “Making Things Talk”, 5 copies of “Make: Electronics”, 50 copies of MAKE Volume 18: ReMake America, 50 copies of MAKE Volume 17: Lost Knowledge, 50 copies of MAKE Volume 15: Music, 50 copies of MAKE Volume 14: Optics
Ultrasonic Sensors from MaxBotix XL-MaxSonar-EZ0, 4 XL-MaxSonar-EZ2, XL-MaxSonar-EZ4, 2 XL-MaxSonar-WR1, 2 XL-MaxSonar-WR
ROBOT Magazine 50 copies of ROBOT Magazine
Images Scientific Instruments Inc. 5A Playstation PS2 Servomotor Controller Interface, Flowcode 4 Compiler for PIC Microcontrollers