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2 cute robots: one funded by Japan’s Space Agency the other by Kickstarter


“Courtesy Of:” … Japan’s cute talking robot will take off August 4th for the Space Station. Kirobo, a 13” 2# mini-humanoid robot remembers faces, can move its head and arms, and is expected to help keep company and have conversations with the Japanese astronaut aboard the station including relaying information to and from the ground crew. … Rapiro, a UK ... Read More »

Oxford Martin School founder and GF2045 keynote speaker James Martin dies

james martin

“Courtesy Of:”   … At Global Future 2045, in NYC, June 15-16, the keynote speaker represented rampant technological change as both a problem and a benefit, and it needed to be addressed as such. He died on June 24. … Martin established the Oxford Martin School in Oxford to focus on future challenges facing mankind and spoke eloquently about how ... Read More »

Global Future 2045 Conference Takes A Hard Look At Today


“Courtesy Of:”   … GF2045 host Dmitry Itskov said “We are really at the time when technology can affect human evolution. I want us to shape the future, bring it up for public discussion, and avoid any scenario that could damage it.” … Ray Kurzweil said that 2045 would be a time when computers surpassed the human brain and that, ... Read More »

Big week for robotic mergers and acquisitions


“Courtesy Of:”   … MakerBot sells out to Stratasys Ltd. (NASDAQ:SSYS) for $403 million plus another $200 million if it meets certain targets. Stratasys adds a low-priced product to it’s line of 3D printing products. Note that Amazon’s Bezos Expeditions was a funder of MakerBot and that Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) recently set up a section to sell 3D printers and supplies. ... Read More »

World’s Most Human-Like Android Wasn’t Unveiled at GF2045

“Courtesy Of:”   … At the 2nd Global Future 2045 Congress held in New York City June 15-16, one of the featured draws was the unveiling of a new Hanson Robokind head of the Congress’ host, Dmitry Itskov. It didn’t happen. … Hanson was late and apologized saying: “My robots are complex works of art, and this is the most ... Read More »

LIDAR finds a lost city in Cambodia

“Courtesy Of:”   … Using LIDAR technology to create terrain maps, archaeologists have uncovered a whole city in Cambodia by discovering unexplained “bumps”. … Instead of using maps and sifting through slowly unfolding digs, with this new tech researchers can see whole cities at a time and determine where best to begin. … In Cambodia, where unexploded land mines from ... Read More »

Use of da Vinci surgical robots discussed on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams

“Courtesy Of:”   … NBC’s Rock Center focused on the case of a da Vinci surgical robot used to do a hysterectomy where dangerous complications ensued. A suit is in progress. … The ACOG (American Congress of Gynocologists) suggests that doctors help patients separate marketing hype from reality regarding hysterectomies. … NBC’s bottom line: “Hospitals have a responsibility to set ... Read More »

First responder and military ground robots to grow at close to 20%

“Courtesy Of:”   … New $3,800 report by Wintergreen Research says that first responder and military ground robot marketplace will expand at close to 20% annually for the rest of the decade. … Expected revenue in 2019 is $12 billion. … Growth is based on the adoption of automated processes combining innovative software and robotic platforms in systems of engagement ... Read More »

$201 million in venture funding in 2012; up from $194 in 2011

“Courtesy Of:”   … Roboticist and entrepreneur Travis Deyle keeps tract of venture funding during the year and has provided not just a list, but a profile of the companies receiving the money. … Report doesn’t include big-buck acquisitions of Kiva for $775 million, Evolution Robotics for $74 million, Aldebaran for $100 million, and smaller than a million fundings. … ... Read More »

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