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Busy Traffic At The International Space Station


Expedition 47 Flight Engineer Tim Peake of the European Space Agency took this photograph on April 6, 2016, as the International Space Station flew over Madagascar, showing three of the five spacecraft currently docked to the station.

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Successful Deployment of University Satellites From Space Station


Expedition 46 flight engineer Tim Peake of ESA captured this photo on Jan. 29, 2016 from the International Space Station, as the robotic arm in Japan’s Kibo laboratory successfully deployed two combined satellites from Texas universities. The pair of satellites—AggieSat4 built by Texas A&M University students, …

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Space Station’s Robotic Arm Set for Arrival of Cygnus Cargo Craft


The International Space Station’s robotic arm, Canadarm2, is visible over Earth in this Nov. 27, 2015 photograph. On Dec. 6, Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Kjell Lindgren operated the Canadarm2 from inside the station’s cupola, using it for the rendezvous and grapple of Orbital ATK’s …

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International Space Station— Flying Over an Aurora


NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly captured photographs and video of auroras on June 22, 2015. Kelly wrote, “Yesterday’s aurora was an impressive show from 250 miles up. Good morning from the International Space Station!” We are always looking for extremely striking images and again, the International Space …

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ISS—Earth’s Changing Vistas


Crewmembers on the International Space Station are treated to Earth views that are constantly changing. NASA Astronaut Terry Virts, Commander of Expedition 43, ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti and Russian cosmonaut, Mikhail Kornienko, both flight engineers, enjoy the wonder of Earth’s changing vistas from the station’s cupola. …

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Canadarm2 on Expedition 42


Expedition 42 commander and NASA astronaut, Barry Wilmore, and European Space Agency astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, used the Canadarm2 robotic arm to grapple the SpaceX Dragon (CRS-5) ship on Jan. 12 2015

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Body Slamming Allowed!


Robot Battles returned to Atlanta for the 24th year in a row at this year’s Dragon*Con convention, held Labor Day weekend. Brian Nave, our intrepid reporter, TV robotics host and a top competitor in combat robotics was there with camera in hand, covering the event

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Robot Surveillance


An autonomous robot embarks on a mission to identify and then lock-on to a coded target at the recent 2014 Robosub event held at the San Diego Transdeck.

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Shrederator vs. Touro Maximus


Shrederator and Touro Maximus send sparks flying in their short combat match at the 2014 STEMtech Olympiad. The match was held at the inaugural 2014 eMerge Americas event

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Square Pusher And Z-Machines


Electronic musician “Squarepusher ” has created a unique robot band that includes a 78-fingered drummer, and a second drummer with over 20 arms. The project originated in Japan in 2013 when a challenge was posed: create a robot band that could play great music beyond the capabilities of humans.

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Macro USA Scorpion


Scorpion performs search, surveillance, recon, counter IED and similar missions outdoors or deep inside caves, buildings and tunnels. Carrying up to a 20-lb. payload, it can be tossed through windows, over walls and into buildings. It easily drives in sand, mud, rocky terrain and debris-filled areas.

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Aerial Sentinels Safegaurd Humans


Imagine two multirotors flying over a city and observing the movements of people and traffic. City planners could use such tools to analyze public transportation needs, identify the elements of a crime scene, inspect public parks and schools or focus on buildings that firefighters are evacuating, among many other things—all of which help improve the lives of citizens.

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Night Flying!


At a recent multirotor fun fly held at the Palomar RC Flyers Johnson Flying Field, Fallbrook, California, club members and guests from across the country flew multirotors and helis day and night. Also flown was a flying wing,

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